July, 2002








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         Hi! I would like to introduce you to your district governor for 2002-2003.  I am Gerald Inman from the Stanwood Lions Club.  I would prefer that you refer to me by the name “Jerry”.

         I was born at Walnut, IA, and was raised on farms in small communities in south-western Iowa graduating from Atlantic High School in 1963.

         I attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls to pursue a career in science education.  I met my wife, Connie, who was also a student at UNI.  We were married in 1965 in Cedar Falls.

         After graduating from The University of Northern Iowa in the spring of 1967, we moved to Stanwood, IA, where I accepted a chemistry and physics teaching position at Lincoln Community School.  I taught science and math for 33 years in the same classroom until my retirement in June of 2000.  Connie taught 1st and 3rd grades in the same school system and retired in June of 2000 also.

         Connie and I were blessed with two children, Joe and Amy.  They are both married and have families of their own.  Joe lives in Ames with his wife Becky and their three children named Alex, Casey and Megan.  Amy lives in Stanwood with her husband Alan and their  two children, Emily and Rachel.  Yes, we are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren!

         My work as a volunteer began at Lincoln Community school when the basketball coach asked me to keep the score book for the games.  I was the official scorekeeper for 28 years.  I also volunteered my time working at many of the other sporting events.

         In 1974, Stanwood started an ambulance service replacing a station wagon  with a real ambulance.  I took the emergency medical technician course, became an EMT, and am  still serving on the ambulance service.    I joined the Stanwood Lions Club .in 1978 and  served as tailtwister in 1979-1980.  In the spring of 1980, Lion Don Hegarty, Jr. interrupted my class at school to ask if I would consider serving as secretary for the Stanwood Lions.  It was obvious that he was not going to allow me to get back to the lesson I was teaching until I agreed.  To make a short story long, I served as secretary from 1980 through 1999 and again in 2000-2001.  I was the president of the Stanwood Lions in  1999-2000.  I have received several awards for my work in Lionism including the 100% Secretaries  Award and the Stanwood Club’s nominee for the Ralph A. Whitten Service Award in 1999.

         My service beyond the club level in Lionism is limited to recent years.  I served as Zone Chairman in 2000-2001 and as Vice District Governor this last year.  And here I am, your District Governor for the year 2002-2003.

         I see myself as one Lion on a team of 1,700 Lions in District 9X9.  My theme this year is to “Build a Future--Leave a Legacy”.  Together the Lions of District 9X9 can accomplish this.

         I encourage you to read the front page of next month’s LION TALK as I will be talking about our trip to Osaka, Japan, to the DGE Seminar and the Lions International Convention.  I will also introduce International President Kay K. Fukushima’s plan for club extension and will explain how I will apply it to District 9X9.

         See you next month, DGE Jerry Inman.




         This year I will be recognizing club secretaries that do an outstanding job.  The work done by the secretary is crucial to the local club and all levels within the Lions Association.  Get your membership and activities reports send in on time and look for the qualifications for this award included with the next newsletter.




         One of International President Kay K. Fukushima’s goals is to improve the image of Lions clubs.  To do this, there has been a program instituted through Lions Clubs International to replace faded, bent or missing Lions emblem road signs.   Clubs will be able to purchase a new sign at cost plus postage.  To do this, submit a  photo documenting the need for replacement along with a sign order to the Club Supplies Division.  Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis as availability for this program will be limited. 

          I encourage all clubs to take a look at the emblem road signs for their communities.  If they need replaced, take advantage of this program.  A fresh sign will give your community a fresh image of your Lions club.  A fresh sign could also give your members fresh enthusiasm for Lionism.





         Secretaries, you must send monthly membership reports to your district governor and Lions International by the 5th of each month.  The membership report can be filed with Lions  International electronically or by the membership report forms included with the secretarial supplies.

         I would ask that you include a monthly activities report along with your membership report to me.  This activities report can be done using MONTHLY ACTIVITIES REPORT included in this newsletter.  Include what your club has done during the previous month and information concerning upcoming events.  Give sufficient detail as my intentions are to use information from these reports to create a club page in future newsletters.  I would also encourage you to include pictures that could be used on this club page.  Send these reports to DG Gerald Inman, P.O. Box 39, Stanwood, IA 52337 or send the information by e-mail to 

          It would be very beneficial to send copies of the membership and activities reports to both your region and zone chairs.  Please consult the listing of cabinet members included in this newsletter for mailing addresses.




         In one of my DGE Pre-Seminar Assignments for the DGE School in Japan, I was asked to answer the question, “What is one thing you plan to do in your district to present and promote a positive image of Lions in your communities?”

          To answer this question, I replied, “I will be stressing the importance of getting articles and pictures concerning club activities in local newspapers.  To encourage clubs to do this, I will be asking the clubs to send copies of these articles  and pictures to me so I can set up a display of them at the District Convention.”

          I ask each club to assign a member to be a reporter for the club.  The responsibility of this reporter will be to take pictures at club activities, write articles for the local newspaper, and submit the articles along with pictures for publication in the paper.   The last task for the reporter is to obtain copies of these from the newspaper and send them to me.  These could be sent along with the Membership and Activities Report each month by the club secretary.




         To assist your club and club officers build a better tomorrow, Lions International has new tools to do the job.  It’s time to select new tools and sharpen old ones.  The Club Builders Toolbox includes a set of best ideas and new materials for recruiting, involving and developing club membership.  Sections within the toolbox are Membership programs, New member recruitment, Networking, Relationship building, Improving club meetings, Transfer of leadership, Fund raising ideas, Signature service projects, Club retreats, Building cadres of leaders and Spotlighting leaders.

          Club toolboxes can be ordered from Club Supplies for $14.95 plus postage by completing the form on Club Supplies web page or by contacting Club Supplies and Distribution at International Headquarters.




         Look to the North.  Are your neighbors just north of you Lions?  If not, why not?  They see you participating in Lions activities.  Go ask them to join you.  If they are Lions, look in a different direction.




         I encourage each club to schedule an official visit with me as soon as possible.  You can do this by completing the form included with this newsletter and sending it to me or sending me the same information by e-mail at



         On Thursday, June 27, at John O’Donnell Stadium in Davenport, the River Bandits will be playing Peoria.  This game is being sponsored by the Region I Lions and admittance to the game will be granted to anyone in exchange for a pair of used eyeglasses or a hearing aid.  The collection point will open at 5:30 PM, gates for the game open at 6:00 PM, and the game starts at 7:00 PM.

         A similar thing is being done on Thursday, July 25, at Riverview Stadium in Clinton by the Lions of the Clinton area.  Admission will be a pair of old glasses or a hearing aid.  The Lumberkings will be playing host to Cedar Rapids with game time being 7:00 PM.  Any Lions Club member and/or their family can purchase tickets (before July 15th) to the picnic area for $12.00 and enjoy all the food and drink you can eat from 5:30 to game time.  Call Ken Thompson 563-522-2953 or Bud Jacobs 563-243-8815 for tickets and more information. 

         On Sunday, July 28, at Sec Taylor Stadium in Des Moines, the Iowa Cubs will have an afternoon game with the Omaha Royals.  This is the Lions Club Night and tickets are only $2.00.  For information, call 515-243-6111 or 1-800-GO-ICUBS and ask for Julie Lofdahl.

         See the new Veterans Memorial Stadium on Monday, July 29, when the Cedar Rapids Kernels play Peoria.  Game time is 7:00 PM.  There will be club seating under the roof for an admission price of $5.00.  For more information and RSVP, contact Gary Glockhoff at 319-247-2337 or by e-mail at

         See you at the ballpark!




         A MERL Team Seminar was held on June 8 at the Coralville Library with 42 Lions from in eastern Iowa in attendance.  Facilitators for the seminar were Iowa Lions State Committee Chairpersons PDG Harold Freeman (Membership and Marketing), PDG Don King (Extension), DG Tim Wilson (Retention) and PDG Gail Reed (Public Relations). Motivational talks on membership, extension, retention and leadership were topics for the day.  A tour of the Iowa Lions Eye Bank was conducted by Coordinator Pat Mason after the seminar.






         Again this year the Iowa Lions will have a booth at the Iowa State Fair running from Aug. 8 through Aug. 18.  The booth will be number 803 in the V.I. Building.  A $100 meat drawing for adults and a prize for the kids will be done this year.  Mints will be available for donations.  District 9X9 will be responsible for manning the booth on Friday, Aug. 16.  District 9X9 Lions interested in serving in this manner should contact IPDG Rudy Arp by phone at  563-284-6710, e-mail at or at P.O. Box 112, Walcott, IA 52773.

         We hope to sign up a lot of possible new members and toot our Lions Horn for good public relations.

         See everyone at the Fair!





Aug. 4, 2002, at the Legion Building in Mechanicsville


Sept. 19-21, 2002, at Fort Worth, Texas


Oct. 13, 2002, at West Branch


Jan. 10 & 11, 2003, at Ames


Feb. 22 & 23, 2003 at Cedar Rapids and Stanwood


May 30, 31 & June 1, 2003 at Marshalltown


June 30-July 4, 2003, at Denver, Colorado




July 2 through July 13--DGE Seminar and International Convention in Osaka, Japan

July 17--Delmar Lions--Officer Installation

July 18--Iowa City UIHC Lions--Official Visit

July 20 & 21--Leader Dog School

July 23--Stanwood Lions--Officer Installation

July 25--Ball game at Clinton

July 29--Ball game at Cedar Rapids

Aug. 4--9X9 Cabinet Meeting

Aug. 16--State Fair Booth in Des Moines

Aug. 24 & 25--Council of Governors Meeting

Aug. 27--Walcott Lions--Official Visit