January Photo Page

Pictured with the eyeglasses collected at the 9x9 fall rally are DG Jerry Inman, Lion Gary Foote, and PDG Sharon Cherek.
Over 600 milk crates of sorted eyeglasses are ready to be shipped to reformatories where inmates will hand wash and dry, read the prescription and package each pair in a sealed protective pouch.
Connie Inman is pictured with the boxes of eyeglasses with similar prescriptions that are returned from the reformatories to the recycling center.  Volunteer groups will take them to third world countries and distribute them to needy people.
Zone meetings are the grass roots of Lionism.  Lions from Region III, Zone 1, meet at Toddville.
New member of the Mechanicsville Lions Club, Lion Diane Schroeder, receives her Lion Pin from Lion Scott Schroeder when being inducted by DG Jerry Inman.
Iowa City Host Lions Club inducted 4 new members.  Pictured are Lions Chelsey Hansen, Dick Minette, Ed Flaherty, Brian Flaherty*, Matt Frascut*, Chris McDonnell*, Tony Sorensen*, and Donna Schultz.

(*New Members.)