PHONE:  563-942-6603






          Dedicated Lions clubs throughout District 9X9 collect used eyeglasses.  Many of them (a small pickup load) were brought to the Fall Rally at West Branch.  What happened to these eyeglasses? .

            I had read an article, ‘Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers’, in the Sept. Issue of The Lion.  There are ten licensed Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers in the world with six of them being in the United States.  In 2001-2002, the centers collected more than 5 million recycled eyeglasses and distributed eyeglasses at a cost of less than 8 cents per pair to more than 2.5 million people in developing nations.  One of the centers is at Rosholt, Wisconsin.  I decided that the eyeglasses should be taken to this center.  

            On Nov. 15, after carefully packing the trunk and back seat of my car with boxes of eyeglasses, Connie and I took a late fall drive to Rosholt, Wisconsin.  At Rosholt, we were greeted by Lion Gary Foote and PDG Sharon Cherek who assisted in unloading them.  Lion Foote and PDG Cherek gave us a tour of the recycling center and explained the recycling process.  (See the photographs on the photo page.)

            The eyeglasses are first sorted by volunteers into four groups; eyeglasses that can be recycled and used in third world countries, frames that contain precious metals, antique eyeglasses, and junk that cannot be used.  The precious metal and antique eyeglasses are sold to defray the expense of operating the center.

            The eyeglasses that are to be recycled are placed into plastic milk crates and shipped to one of two reformatories in Wisconsin.  At these reformatories, inmates hand wash and dry each pair and read the prescription using a lensometer.  Each individual pair is then sealed in a protective plastic pouch with the prescription marked on the pouch and packaged into boxes of 50 having similar prescriptions.  The boxes of eyeglasses are then returned to the recycling center.

            The center then provides eyeglasses to Lions Eye Care Missions, VOSH-Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity, Lenscrafters and other volunteer groups that take them to developing nations to be distributed to needy people.  These volunteers donate travel costs, time and talent to carefully and professionally dispense the recycled eyeglasses.  Some people in these countries will walk 50 miles to receive eyeglasses from Lions.

            The Wisconsin center was opened in 1993.  From 1993 through 2002, this center has shipped 1,160,195 pairs of recycled eyeglasses to third world countries.  Some of the eyeglasses collected by Lions Clubs in District 9X9, will be leaving this center for third world countries in 2003.




            On Dec. 5, 2002, I received a report for donations to the Iowa Lions Foundation for the first five months of the 2002-2003 year.  I would like to share some of the numbers with you.  The total donations from throughout the state are $90,003 of   the budgeted amount of $297,400 for the year.

            The donations from District 9X9 are $17,441 of the budgeted amount of $59,000.  These donations came from 20 clubs; Calamus ($500), Center Point ($400), Coggon ($350), Davenport Host ($5,025), DeWitt Nite ($200), DeWitt Noon ($1,000), Durant ($1,000), Durant Lioness ($400), Goose Lake ($300), Iowa City Evening ($1,000), Low Moor ($1,250), Lowden (500), Marion Host ($1,050), Otter Creek Area ($780), Parkview ($500), Springville ($50), Stanwood ($350), Tipton ($631), Walcott ($2,025), Walker ($50) and other donations ($80). 

            Your 9X9 Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee is Jim Spears who is always willing to provide information about the foundation, attend a club or zone meeting as a guest speaker or accept donations to the foundation.  Trustee Spears can be contacted by phone at 563-886-6634, by e-mail at or by regular mail at 406 West 8th St., Tipton, IA 52772.

            Remember, this is your foundation and you have a responsibility in helping achieve the District 9X9 goal of $59,000.




            The 9X9 District Convention will be held on Feb. 22 & 23, 2003, in Cedar Rapids and Stanwood, Iowa. 

            On Saturday evening, Feb. 22, there will be a reception for International Director Art Woods from Elmira, Ontario, Canada, and his wife, Carole.  The reception will be at the Clarion Hotel in Cedar Rapids with the social hour starting at 5:30 PM and dinner at 6:30 PM.  The cost of the reception is $16.50.  Room reservations can also be made at the Clarion Hotel by calling 319-366-6871.  For special rates, identify yourself as a Lion attending this convention.

            On Sunday, Feb. 23, the convention will move to the North Cedar High School at Stanwood.  Morning activities include homemade fruit bars and beverages, the cabinet meeting, a spouses’ program, new member orientation and an ecumenical church service.  The banquet will be at noon followed by entertainment, an induction ceremony for new Lions, the keynote address by ID Art Woods, drawing for raffle prizes and a business session.  The cost of the banquet is $12.00.

            Each club is asked to bring a door prize ($10 value) for the raffle at the convention.

            To register for the 9X9 District Convention, complete the registration form and send it with a check to Treasurer Sue Thumma, Stanwood Lions Club, P.O. Box 62, Stanwood, IA 52337.




            Extension work in the creation of new Lions Clubs in District 9X9 needs your help.  An extension team has been stirring the pot in Muscatine for a new club.  Letters have been sent to businesses, informational packets have been distributed, prospective members are being sought, CTYS screenings are being planned and the Muscatine Journal did an article on the ‘Lions Coming To Town’ on Dec. 12. 

            IPDG Rudy Arp (563-284-6710 or and RC Laverne Arp (563-381-2726 or asks for your help.  ‘Any Lion who knows of someone in Muscatine that might be interested in Lionism, please forward their name, address and phone number to us.’ 

            Likewise, RC Dave Henecke (319-851-4411 or has been working on club formation in Lisbon and would ask for names, addresses and phone numbers of people in the Lisbon area.

            We are also looking at North Liberty.  VDG Judy Terry (319-337-3617 or or Lion Donna Schultz (319-337-7993 or would appreciate names, addresses and phone numbers of people in the North Liberty area.

            Your assistance could be what makes that new club happen this year.




FEBRUARY 22 AND 23, 2003


                                                            SAT.    SUN.



 ____________________________   ____    ____


 ____________________________   ____    ____

____________________________   ____    ____


 ____________________________   ____    ____

____________________________    ____    ____

____________________________    ____    ____

____________________________    ____    ____

____________________________    ____    ____


 Club:  __________________________________


 Address: ________________________________




 Saturday Night Reception at the Clarion Hotel


 No.  ______ @ $16.50/person  $_____________


 Sunday Banquet at North Cedar High School


 No.  ______ @ $12.00/person  $_____________


 Total Amount Enclosed:             $_____________


 Mail Registration to:

            Treasurer Sue Thumma

            Stanwood Lions Club

            P.O. Box 62

            Stanwood, IA 52337


 Deadline for Registration:  Feb. 12, 2003




          Elections will be held at the 9X9 District Convention on Feb. 23, 2003, for district governor, vice district governor and Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee.  For information about these positions and filing to be a candidate, contact Leon Frick, 9X9 Nominating Committee Chair, at 563-522-2420 or  His mailing address is 2055 350th Ave., Goose Lake, IA 52750.  The deadline for filing the necessary nomination papers, including a written endorsement of his/her home club, is January 24, 2003.




            Nominations for the G. E. ‘Bud’ Klise Leadership Award, given in honor of PID G. E. ‘Bud’ Klise, to honor a Lion who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability and the Ralph A. Whitten Service Award, given in honor of PID Ralph A. Whitten, to honor a Lion who has demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to the ideals of Lionism are due by Jan. 15, 2003.  Nominations are to be sent to VDG Judy Terry, 3575 Hanks Drive SE, Iowa City, IA 52240.  If you need nomination forms, contact DG Jerry Inman or VDG Judy Terry.




          Take part in the membership promotion during the months of January and February leading up to the 9X9 District Convention on Feb. 22 & 23, 2003, by recruiting new members.  For these new Lions and their sponsors, and any other Lions that desire to attend, there will be an orientation program as part of the district convention on Sunday morning, Feb. 23, starting at 9:30 AM. 

            After the noon banquet, the new Lions will take part in a special induction ceremony conducted by International Director Art Woods. Any current members that have not been initiated into Lionism are also invited to take part in the orientation program and induction ceremony.




            The Emerging Lions Leadership Institute will be held in Oak Brook, IL, on April 10-14, 2003.  It is targeted to Lions with five years or less of membership who have not yet attained the position of club president to develop leadership for tomorrow.  Lions Clubs International will pay for meals and lodging during the institute.  Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses. 

            Anyone interested in this institute should contact DG Jerry Inman to get additional information and an application form.  The deadline for submitting an application is Feb. 24, 2002.





Jan. 10, 11 & 12, 2003, at Ames


Jan. 28, 2003, at Durant


Feb. 13, 2003, at Lowden


Feb. 22 & 23, 2003 at CR and Stanwood


May 30, 31 & June 1, 2003 at Marshalltown


June 30-July4, 2003, at Denver, Colorado





Dec. 27 through Jan. 7--Vacation trip to Mesa, AZ.

Jan. 9 through Jan. 12--Mid-Winter Leadership


Jan. 15--Long Grove Lions--Official Visit

Jan. 16--Parkview Lions--Official Visit

Jan. 23--Bettendorf Lions--Official Visit

Jan. 28--Region 1, Zone 1 Meeting

Feb. 5--West Branch Lions--Official Visit

Feb. 6--DeWitt Nite Lions & DeWitt

Lioness--Official Visit

Feb. 8 & 9--9X4 District Convention at Burlington

Feb. 11--Alburnett Lions--Official Visit

Feb. 12--Durant Lions & Lioness--Official Visit

Feb. 13--LeClaire Lions & Lioness--Official Visit

Feb. 14 & 15--9X6 District Convention at Adair

Feb. 19--Walker Lions--Official Visit

Feb. 22 & 23--9X9 District Convention at

Cedar Rapids and Stanwood

Feb. 27--Andover Lions--Official Visit




Our condolences go to the family of our deceased Lion.  Having served so diligently here on earth, may his soul rest in peace.


William Freitag of the Bettendorf Lions




We welcome the following new Lions and Lionesses to our 9X9 family:


Ray Grimes of the Walcott Lions

sponsored by Deborah Griebel

William Terry of the Iowa City Host Lions

sponsored by Judy Terry

Kevin M. Keck of the LeClaire Lions

sponsored by Chris Wiggley

Thomas C. Witt of the Goose Lake Lions

sponsored by Maurice Jensen

Craig Claussen of the Goose Lake Lions

sponsored by Maurice Jensen

Dennis Dever of the Goose Lake Lions

sponsored by Maurice Jensen

Kenneth Wolleat of the Cedar Rapids Noon Lions

sponsored by Lowell Strong

James L. Erbe of the Cedar Rapids Noon Lions

sponsored by Dennis Ferreter

Wyatt L. Hoover of the Cedar Rapids Noon Lions

sponsored by Henry Small

Beth C. Oerman of the Davenport Host Lions

sponsored by L. Heuer

Kelly Keeney of the Delmar Lions

sponsored by Kenny Ewoldt






ALBURNETT--Held a successful Hunter’s Breakfast on Oct. 30 and plans are being made for a spaghetti dinner to be held in January.

ANDOVER--Made donations of $1,340 to Diabetes Research, $50 to the Red Cross, $50 to the Salvation Army, $50 to the Victory Center and $100 to Faith Sunday School to help with needy families and deprived children.

BETTENDORF--Held our regular meeting at Arrowhead Ranch and made a donation of the meal money to Arrowhead.  Established a family membership at a reduced rate as a method to bring couples, possibly Lions and former Lionels, into the club.

BLUE GRASS--Recycled 3 white canes and a walking stick donated by a local resident to the Department of the Blind, donated $5 to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser, provided 30 hours on cleanup and recycling, 25 hours and 350 miles of transportation for senior citizens and 8 hours for Community Share services and participated in the Buffalo Festival of Lights by sponsoring  horse-drawn ‘Lions Trolley’ rides.  Broom sales continue at the Blue Grass Savings Bank.

CEDAR RAPIDS EVENING--Selling raffle tickets for two ‘Weekend Get Aways’ and will donate a food basket to a needy family for a Christmas dinner.

CEDAR RAPIDS NOON--Paid for 6 eye exams and eyeglasses, held informational meeting for prospective members, collected 200 pairs of used eyeglasses and donated $100 to the Leader Dog to be used for the new facility and $10 to Youth Exchange.

CENTER POINT--Held a joint dinner meeting with Urbana Lions to recognize the Peace Poster Contest winners, sold giant coloring books at a craft show and had a turkey raffle with a $346 profit.

CLINTON--Did a CTYS screening, boxed and delivered Christmas trees from Fantasy of Lights and contributed $200 to a local Vision Iowa program, ‘Things To Do With a River View’.

DAVENPORT BREAKFAST--Will provide beanbag lions at both Davenport hospitals to be given to young children (2 to 6 years old) coming into the emergency rooms.  The lions will wear a small purple tee shirt with Davenport Breakfast Lions printed on it.  Will participate in the Leader Dog building fund drive by making donations of $100 each year for the next 3 years.

DAVENPORT HOST--Participated in the Christmas for Needy Families program by sponsoring 3 families with 10 to 12 children with members buying gifts for the children, $356 was earned from Birdies for Charity, purchased a special baby monitor for a deaf mother to help her keep aware when her baby is crying and participated with the Lens Crafters Vision Bus.

DELMAR--Had 170 children attend the Halloween Party jointly sponsored by our Lions club and the Delwood PTO.  Made donations of $100 to the Lost Nation Community Cupboard, $25 to Camp Courageous, $500 to the Iowa Lions Foundation, $500 to the Delmar Fire Department and $100 to the Peggy Claus Benefit.  Helped with the medical expenses of a lady from Bellevue ($50), Roger and Rose Filloon ($200), Marge McDermott ($100) and Alvin Prussia ($100). Held a soup supper in conjunction with the Festival of Lights on December 8 serving 700 people and a profit of $1,317.  Making plans for the first blood drive of the New Year on January 6.

DEWITT LIONESS--Donated paper products and $50 to the DeWitt Referral Center, clothes and a toy to a needy 9-year old boy, $60 to the Central Chamber Singers from Central Community Schools and $37.50 to the Peace Poster Contest.  Participated in the DeWitt’s Annual Christmas Walk by having two members ‘decorate and appear’ in a store window depicting the theme, ‘Christmas Music’.

DEWITT NITE--Held soup & sandwich supper making $700 and receiving 6 boxes of donated food for the DeWitt Referral Center and purchased eyeglasses for a local person.

GOOSE LAKE--Held a very successful Peace Poster Contest with 51 entries.  First place received $50, four others received $25 for their runner-up entry, and each entrant received a $1 gift certificate from Rick’s C-Store.  Held our 25th anniversary celebration with 94 people in attendance and 6 new members being inducted.

HIAWATHA--Hosted joint zone meeting for zones 3-1 and 3-2 on December 3.

IOWA CITY HOST--Held a Lions informational meeting (working on extension) at North Liberty.

IOWA CITY UIHC--Participated in Younker’s Fund Raiser, sold 473 frozen pies and 223 soups raising approximately $1,600, distributed fruit baskets to intensive care waiting rooms on Thanksgiving Day and are currently selling giant coloring books.

LECLAIRE--Made a donation to the Pleasant Valley Jr. High School for the Quest Program, helped a child with an eye exam and eyeglasses and held a grocery raffle,

LECLAIRE LIONESS--Made $371 at Apple Fest, held Christmas Walk on Dec. 6 &7, donated $50 to the Handicapped Development Center and held a Christmas Raffle.

LONE TREE--Donated $50 to help a local needy family and $75 to help with the purchase of the Confoscan 3 Corneal Confocal Microscope for the Iowa Lions Cornea Center.

LONG GROVE-- Donated $500 to the North Scott Food Pantry.

LOST NATION--Held our annual Christmas Party with 32 members and guests in attendance each bringing paper products that were donated to the Lost Nation Food Pantry, held a bake sale and presented 10 and 15-year chevrons to 16 members.

LOW MOOR--Served two sales with the Lions Lunch Wagon, held our annual Feather Party Raffle with a profit of $1,890 and made donations of $50 to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser and $200 to the Iowa Lions Foundation for the purchase of a Granite Paver to honor the memory of Low Moor Lion L. W. Thompson.

LOWDEN--Made donations of $25 to Reach for a Star, $25 to Toys for Tots, $25 to the winner of the Lowden Peace Poster Contest and $300 to the Lowden Medical Clinic for improvements.

MECHANICSVILLE--Played bingo at the Cedar County Home, sponsored a Peace Poster Contest, donated $100 to the Leader Dog Site Improvements, donated $100 to the Les Koering family benefit and sponsored the Glacomamobile with 25 people being screened.

OTTER CREEK AREA--Spent $162 for park maintenance, delivered Meals-On-Wheels, donated $750 to the Iowa Lions Foundation and completed our annual cheese sale with total sales of $8,344 and a profit of $2,535.  The sale of Giant Coloring Books to raise funds for the park pavilion continues.

PARKVIEW--Had a concession stand at Ham Fest, plans are being made for Breakfast with Santa and helping with a hearing aid for a senior citizen.

PRINCETON--Set up Community Center for cards on Tuesdays and ‘Plus 55 Goodtimers Club’ (12 hours), donated $150 for a needy child’s preschool and held a soup supper with a profit of $572 (43 hours).

STANWOOD--Fish sales were completed with a profit of $554, ticket taking with Per Mar Securities was completed with a profit of $1,369, did two CTYS screenings (65 children), built a ramp for a disabled citizen and donated a theme basket for the Mid-Winter Fund Raiser in honor of our District Governor.

TIPTON--Continued to provide horse-drawn trolley rides in many communities during December, hosted zone meeting on Dec. 12, sponsored Tipton’s Tour of Lights with 7 teams and wagons or trolleys and provided vehicles for the residents of Cedar Manor Nursing Home so they could ride and enjoy the sights of Christmas.

WALCOTT--Donated $100 to Christmas Angel Tree and $200 to Walcott School Character Counts, profit from Birdies for Charity was $2,654.61 which went into our scholarship fund and cleaned up Lion Bob Staub’s yard.

WEST BRANCH--Sponsored an Election Day Blood Drive collecting 73 pints and helped the National Park Service with traffic control for the West Branch Christmas Past Celebration.

WEST LIBERTY--Donated $100 for the Iowa Lions Eye Clinic Microscope and $1,000 to the Iowa Lions Foundation, worked 13 Carver Hawkeye events providing 8 workers for each event (648 man hours) and will hold a blood drive on Jan. 2, 2003.




ALBURNETT--Jan. 11, 2003--Spaghetti Dinner

LONE TREE--January 24, 2003--Fish Fry.

LOWDEN--September 8, 2003--25th anniversary celebration of the Lowden Lions Club.

LOW MOOR--Feb. 2--Lions Omelet Breakfast serving from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM; and, Feb. 11--Lions Guest Night at 6:00 PM.




MAY 16, 2003--Finkbine Golf Course in Iowa City--Chairs Lion Lori Short and Lion Pat Mason

JUNE 10, 2003--Palmer Hill’s Golf Course in Davenport--Chair PDG Andy Ploehn

JUNE 17, 2003--The Legacy Golf Course in Norwalk/Des Moines--Chair VDG Gene Braddock

JUNE 25, 2003--Hunter’s Ridge Golf Course in Marion/Cedar Rapids--Chairs Lion Gary Glockhoff and Lion Don Kirberger

JULY 14, 2003--Mason City Country Club in Mason City--Chairs Jo and Don Kothenbeutel


         It is time to start thinking about golf.  These tournaments will provide the extra income needed to properly fund the programs of the Iowa Lions Foundation.  The proceeds of these tournaments will be used in addition to the generous donations that clubs and Lions already give to the foundation. 

         You can get involved in numerous ways; be a sponsor, play in the tournaments or help on a tournament committee.  We are looking for tournament sponsors at $10,000 which includes two foursomes of golfers, hole sponsors at $1,000 which includes a foursome of golfers, golfers at $125 each or $500 for a foursome and tournament supporters at $100.  For additional information about the tour or a specific event, contact the chairpersons listed above.