December, 2002








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       This is Issue #6 of LION TALK.  Where has the time gone?  Almost half of the year is behind us.  What has been accomplished with membership in District 9X9?  There are 54 new Lions and 4 new Lioness members.  For information or a club program on membership, contact PDG Dick Polansky, 9X9 Membership Chair, at 563-659-3098 or

         The next question is, “What has not been accomplished with retention in District 9X9?”  We have lost 52 Lions and 1 Lioness.  Only 4 were due to death; the others dropped their membership for various reasons.  For information or a club program on retention, contact PDG Rudy Arp, 9X9 Retention Chair, at 563-284-6710 or

         Please note that currently 9X9 Lions clubs are +2 and Lioness clubs are +3 in membership through the first 5 months of the year.  Twenty clubs have had a positive membership growth since July 1, 2002.  They are Andover, Cedar Rapids Noon, Coggon, Davenport Host, DeWitt Noon, Durant, Goose Lake, Iowa City Host, Iowa City UIHC, LeClaire, Lone Tree, Long Grove, Low Moor, Mechanicsville, Otter Creek Area, Parkview, Princeton, West Branch, West Liberty and Durant Lioness. 

         I challenge all clubs to find new members.   Ask!  Ask!  And ask again!




       Elections will be held at the 9X9 District Convention on Feb. 23, 2003, for district governor, vice district governor and Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee.  For information about these positions and filing to be a candidate, contact Leon Frick, 9X9 Nominating Committee Chair, at 563-522-2420 or  His mailing address is 2055 350th Ave., Goose Lake, IA 52750.  The deadline for filing the necessary nomination papers, including a written endorsement of a majority of the members of their club, is January 24, 2003.




       For the months of December, January and February leading up to the 9X9 District Convention on Feb. 22 & 23, 2003, I am implementing a plan to encourage new membership.  For these new members and their sponsors, and any other Lions that desire to attend, there will be an orientation program as part of the district convention on Sunday morning, Feb. 23, starting at 10:30 AM. 

         After the noon banquet, there will be a special induction ceremony conducted by International Director Art Woods for these new members.  Any other current new members that have not been initiated into Lionism are also invited to take part in the orientation program and induction ceremony.




         Are you ready for fun, food and fellowship?  Plans are being made for the 9X9 District Convention to be held on Feb. 22 & 23, 2003, in Cedar Rapids and Stanwood, Iowa. 

         On Saturday evening, Feb. 22, there will be a reception for International Director Art Woods from Elmira, Ontario, Canada, and his wife, Carole.  The reception will be at the Clarion Hotel in Cedar Rapids with the social hour starting at 5:30 PM and dinner at 6:30 PM.  The cost of the reception is $16.50.  Room reservations can also be made at the Clarion Hotel by calling 319-366-6871.  For special rates, identify yourself as a Lion attending this convention.

         On Sunday, Feb. 23, the convention will move to the North Cedar High School at Stanwood.  Morning activities include homemade fruit bars and beverages, the cabinet meeting, a spouses’ program, new member orientation and an ecumenical church service.  The banquet will be at noon followed by entertainment, an induction ceremony, the keynote address by ID Art Woods, drawing for raffle prizes and a business session.

         To register for the 9X9 District Convention, complete the registration form on the next page and send it with a check to Treasurer Sue Thumma, Stanwood Lions Club, P.O. Box 62, Stanwood, IA 52337.




FEBRUARY 22 AND 23, 2003


                                             SAT.   SUN.



____________________________   ____   ____


____________________________   ____   ____

____________________________   ____   ____

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____________________________   ____   ____

____________________________   ____   ____

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____________________________   ____   ____


Club: ___________________________________


Address: ________________________________




Saturday Night Reception at the Clarion Hotel


No.  ______ @ $16.50/person  $_____________


Sunday Banquet at North Cedar High School


No.  ______ @ $12.00/person  $_____________


Total Amount Enclosed:             $_____________


Mail Registration to:

         Treasurer Sue Thumma

         Stanwood Lions Club

         P.O. Box 62

         Stanwood, IA 52337


Deadline for Registration:  Feb. 12, 2003    




         The winner of the 2002 9X9 Peace Poster contest was Martin Dittmer, a 7th grade student at Bettendorf Middle School.  The contest at the Bettendorf Middle School was sponsored by the Davenport Host Lions Club.

         Other clubs that sponsored peace poster contests this year were Center Point, Coggon, DeWitt Noon, Durant, Durant Lioness, Eldridge, Goose Lake, Iowa City Host, Long Grove, Lowden, Mechanicsville, Stanwood and Walker.




         Ms. Deborah Knapp from Belle Plaine, IA, received her replacement leader dog at Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, MI, upon completion of schooling on Oct. 17, 2002.  Ms. Knapp has been blind since birth due to glaucoma.  This is the third leader dog placed in Iowa since July 1, 2002.  Remember that the cost of a leader dog is approximately $25,000. 

         On a recent contribution report from Leader Dogs for the Blind, $3,852.75 was received from Iowa Lions Clubs between July 1, 2002, and October 31, 2002.  Five clubs in District 9X9 donated $425.  Another club purchased two bricks for $200 in the “Buy a Brick” building program for the new dormitory. 

         Can the Lions of District 9X9 and Iowa do better than this?  To get additional information, make donations or arrange for a club program on Leader Dogs, contact Henry Small, 9X9 Leader Dog Chair, at 319-396-6140.  Help out by making a donation to Leader Dogs for the Blind.




         These two awards give your club the opportunity to recognize deserving Lions for  leadership and service in Lionism and their community. 

         The G. E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award, given in honor of PID G. E. “Bud” Klise of Stockport, Iowa, is to honor a Lion who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability at any or all levels, including Club, District or Multiple District.  This Lion is your club’s “Leader of the Year” and will be eligible to be the “9X9 Leader of the Year”.  The district will forward one nomination to be judged with nominations from the other districts in Iowa to determine the award winner.

          The Ralph A. Whitten Service Award, given in honor of PID Ralph A, Whitten of Urbandale, Iowa, is to honor a Lion who has demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to the ideals of Lionism at any or all levels as well as any other community service organization.  This Lion is your club’s “Lion of the Year” and will be eligible to be the “9X9 Lion of the Year”.  Again the district winner will be judged with the nominations from the other districts in Iowa to determine the award winner.

         To nominate Lions for these awards, complete nomination forms and return them to VDG Judy Terry, 3575 Hanks Drive SE, Iowa City, IA 52240.  If you are in the need of nomination forms, contact DG Jerry Inman or VDG Judy Terry.  The deadline for submitting nominations is Jan. 15, 2003.






         Lori Short, Coming To Your Senses Coordinator, reports, “We have broken another monthly screening record!”  The last monthly record was set in April, 2002, with 1,333 children screened.

         During the month of October, 1,852 children were screened in 122 sessions.  There was 100 children (5.40%) referred for vision problems. District 9X9 screened 169 children in 13 sessions conducted by 5 clubs.

         9X9 Coming To Your Sense Chair is Kent Kaufman, 319-643-5734 or  Kent is always ready to give information or a club presentation on CTYS.  He is also the contact person to arrange for a screening and obtaining a photoscreener. 




         I was informed by Jeanie Killam that the information about this bus trip to the International Convention that was in The Iowa Lion and my newsletter has a small mistake.  The bus leaves for the convention on Sunday, June 29, 2003.  All the other information about the trip is correct.

         Come with us to the 86th Lions International Convention at Denver from June 29 through July 4 and leave the driving to us.  The cost of taking a bus to the International Convention in Denver is only $100.00 a person based on a 49-passenger bus.  It will stop at selected stops across Iowa to pick up excited Lions for the trip.  For information and to make reservations, contact Jeanie Killam, 209 Lewis Street, Bedford, IA 50833-1140, phone/fax 712-523-2553 or e-mail




Dec. 2--Eldridge Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 3--Zone Meeting--Hiawatha

Dec. 4--New Club Informational


Dec. 5--Wilton Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 10--Lowden Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 11--Lone Tree Lions--Official Visit

Dec. 12--Zone Meeting--Tipton

Dec. 25--Christmas

Dec. 27 through Jan. 7--Vacation trip to Mesa, AZ.

Jan. 9 through Jan. 12--Mid-Winter Leadership


Jan. 15--Long Grove Lions--Official Visit

Jan. 16--Parkview Lions--Official Visit

Jan. 23--Bettendorf Lions--Official Visit





         Does your club have a new trading pin?  Do you have a new personal pin?  Each year the Lions Pin Traders Club of Iowa has a trading pin contest.  Anyone who is interested in entering a personal pin or club pin in the contest should send two of the pins to Robert Hamilton, Vice President LPTCI, Box 820, Montezuma, IA 50171.




         Our condolences go to the family of our deceased Lion.  Having served so diligently here on earth, may his soul rest in peace.


Donald Hostler of the Tipton Lions




         We welcome the following new Lions and Lionesses to our 9X9 family:


Timithy E. Kilburg of the West Branch Lions

sponsored by Ed Larew

Gary D. Doderstrom of the Davenport Host Lions

sponsored by W. Lafrenz

Shiela M Serrano of the Davenport Host Lions

sponsored by W. Patterson

Daniel R. Dillie of the Davenport Host Lions

sponsored by L. Heuer

Thomas C. Quesnell of the Davenport Host Lions

sponsored by E. Brunk

Kenneth D. Berhenke III of the Park View Lions

sponsored by Michael Wright

Randy C. Biers of the Park View Lions

sponsored by Kurt Proctor

Dwaine Albers of the DeWitt Noon Lions

sponsored by Bill Homrighausen

Rodney L. Templeton of the Goose Lake Lions

sponsored by Maurice Jensen

Greg D. Steele of the Princeton Lions

sponsored by David McLaughlin





Dec. 3, 2002, at Hiawatha


Dec. 12, 2002 at Tipton


Jan. 10, 11 & 12, 2003, at Ames


Feb. 22 & 23, 2003 at Cedar Rapids and Stanwood


May 30, 31 & June 1, 2003 at Marshalltown


June 30-July 4, 2003, at Denver, Colorado





BENNETT--Donated $250 to the Iowa Lions Foundation and $200 to the American Legion in appreciation for the use of the Legion Hall.

BETTENDORF-- Had a tour of the Kingsbury Manufacturing Complex at the Rock Island Arsenal on October 24 and held a Chili Supper on November 8.

BLUE GRASS--Held a blood drive collecting 38 pints of blood, helped with community clean up and recycling, helped with aid to elderly providing 350 miles of transportation and made a $5 donation to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

CALAMUS--Co-sponsored an election night soup supper with the Lutheran League, screened 40 children at at CTYS screening, worked a food stand at an auction sale with proceeds going to the scholarship fund and donated to the benefits for the Chris Haley family, the Jim Peterson family and Peggy Clause.

CEDAR RAPIDS EVENING--Four club members attended the membership meeting held by Cedar Rapids Noon Lions Club and plans are being made for holiday food baskets for needy families.

CENTER POINT--Held Center Point Lions Homecoming Parade on October 2.

CLINTON--Awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship to Lion Dwaine Van Buer, collected $1,383,41 on Candy Days, Oct. 11 & 12 and held a CTYS screening.

DAVENPORT BREAKFAST--Had the best fall fund raiser in club history, provided eyeglasses to 3 recipients and contributed to the Child Abuse Council and Rick’s House of Hope.

DAVENPORT HOST--Registered four new members resulting from a membership campaign, participated in the Halloween parade, held a new member orientation, provided Thanksgiving baskets to six needy families and will be sponsoring 3 needy families with 10 to 12 children in the Christmas for Needy Families.  Members are encouraged to buy gifts for the children from their wish list.

DELMAR--Donated $50 to help a person who is on dialysis and will be sending a “Letter of Invitation” to 10 to 15 prospective members.

DEWITT LIONESS--Had a lunch stand at a local auction, tending Lion Mint Boxes in DeWitt and donated $100 to Camp Courageous.

DEWITT NITE--Put up Christmas lights for the Chamber of Commerce, purchased Pinewood Derby supplies and Scout Books for the Cub Scout Pack and purchased eyeglasses.

DEWITT NOON--Served 200 people at the Autumn Fest Pancake Breakfast.

DEWITT LIONESS--Donated $50 to Gilda’s Club, collected hats, mittens, paper products, toiletries, puzzles, coloring books, crayons, etc. for the Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army and Crisis Center, made $190 selling lunch at a tool auction and are selling Camp Courageous fruitcakes.

ELDRIDGE--Completed the Annual True Value Fund Raiser, having a new member recruitment night on Dec. 2 and will have a collection box for eyeglasses and hearing aids at the new grocery store in Eldridge.

GOOSE LAKE--Sponsored trick or treat refreshments on Oct. 27 with 100 children and parents participating, had a Lions float in the Northeast High School Homecoming Parade, turned in 142 pairs of eyeglasses at the Fall Rally and will provide $150 for eye exam and eyeglasses for a Northeast student.

IOWA CITY EVENING--Worked 75 hours with catalog deliveries and 104 hours with a chili supper.  The net proceeds of the chili supper were $1,260.

IOWA CITY HOST--Fall Garden Walk raised $1,800, sponsored autistic child to a weekend at Camp Courageous, held the fall highway clean up, held a new member orientation night, donated $1,500 to Free Medical Clinic to be used for eyeglasses and had a joint Thanksgiving meeting with the Iowa City Rotary Club.

LECLAIRE LIONESS--Plans are being made for the Christmas walk.

LOW MOOR--Served two sales with the Lions Lunch Wagon in October and held Lions Feather Party on Nov. 22.  Made donations of $500 to Leader Dogs for the Blind, $250 to the Lions Clubs International Foundation, $1,250 to the Iowa L:ions Foundation, $400 to Diabetes Research, $150 to the Alzheimers’ Association and $50 to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

LOWDEN--Made donations of $500 to LCIF, $500 to the Iowa Lions Foundation, $25 to the Les Koering Family Benefit, $100 to Leader Dogs for the Blind, $100 to 9X9 Care and Share, $100 to Diabetes Research, $100 to Amvets to purchase new flags for Lowden and $5 to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.



LOST NATION--Finished the football season with ticket taking at Iowa football games, donated $200 to the Angel Tree made by the local Food Board, donated paper items for the Food Pantry Christmas Party and two poinsettias to the Town Country Christmas Raffle.

MARION HOST--Donated $1,000 to the Iowa Lions Foundation and awarded the Warren Coleman Award to Irwin Renfer, out oldest member not in age but in years as a member, 52 years.  Finished the season with a total of 19 workers at the last two Hawkeye games taking tickets for Per Mar Securities, tended to Lions Mint Candy Boxes, worked the information booth at the UIHC Eye Clinic and collected 1,330 pairs of eyeglasses and 8 hearing aids.  {profit from the Nov. 16 chili supper was $665.  Other donations were $100 to Moundview Senior Manor and $5 to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

MOUNT VERNON--Donated $684 to the Mount Vernon Preschool to pay the tuition for a student of a needy family.

OTTER CREEK AREA--Annual Club Cheese Sale is currently in progress, hosted Zone Meeting on Oct. 24 and continue to deliver Meals-On Wheels and do park maintenance.

PARK VIEW--Made donations of $500 to Iowa Lions Foundation, $100 to Diabetes Research, $50 to Leader Dogs for the Blind, $50 to Camp Courageous and $50 to International Youth Exchange.  329 pairs of eyeglasses and 4 hearing aids were also donated.

PRINCETON--Set up the Community Center for cards each Tuesday and for a wedding on Oct. 19, renovated a grill for the community center and sponsored the Princeton Halloween Parade spending $129.

SPRINGVILLE--Did highway roadside pickup and made a commitment to continue the project for another two years.

STANWOOD--Assisted with a soup supper benefit for a family whose wife has been hospitalized for several months and donated $350 to the same cause, will be giving gifts with a value of $25 each to two persons in “Reach for a Star Christmas Program” for Cedar county and donated $50 to Leader Dogs for the Blind and $5 to the Mid-Winter Theme Basket Fund Raiser.

TIPTON--Held the annual pancake breakfast for opening of pheasant season on Oct. 26, parked cars at home Tipton football games, the sale of Christmas trees in the courthouse square was started in November and continues into December and the Tipton Lions Horse-Drawn Trolley will be at 17 events which started in November and continues into December also.

WALCOTT--Served 280 people at our 22nd Annual Pancake Breakfast, handed out glow sticks and candy for Halloween and donated $1,000 to the Iowa Lions Foundation.

WALKER--Completed a light bulb sale and plans are being made for the Christmas Santa Visit and Chili Supper.

WEST BRANCH--Held our trash bag, broom and bulb sale making $450 by covering one-half of the town, hosted the 9X9 Fall Rally and sponsored the Glaucomobile on Oct. 16 with 37 people tested.

WEST LIBERTY--Honored two members, Leonard Larson and Marion Barnhart, with life memberships to Lions International.  Donated to the Iowa Lions Eye Clinic Microscope Fund.

WHEATLAND--Completed the season working for Per Mar Securities at Hawkeye football games and donated $50 to LCIF.




DELMAR--Dec. 8, Festival of Lights and Soup Supper.

LOW MOOR--Feb. 2, Lions Omelet Breakfast serving from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM and Feb. 11, Lions Guest Night at 6:00 PM.

STANWOOD--Dec. 8, Holiday Tour of Lights and Soup Supper.

TIPTON--Christmas Tree Sales south of the Court House in Tipton now through Christmas and December 14, Tipton Tour of Lights from 5 to 8:30 PM


We’re sending wishes to all of our Lion friends

for a very joyous Christmas,

and may peace be with you in the new year!

Jerry and Connie