Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 03:27:11 -0500
From: (Tia'RaHu)
Subject: Comments on X-Men 56 (SPOILERS)

I just read X-Men 56 and have some things to say, and yes, there are spoilers.

1. "Magneto and Rogue - - UNLEASHED!"
Apparently whoever came up with that title was being very, very sarcastic. In fact, I don't think I've seen Magneto and Rogue do quite this badly in a fight in a long time. And it's only the first few pages, anyway.

2. Is Joseph talking to Captain America? He seems to be, because on the first page, someone says, "Been there, go on . . . " and later the narrative disappears while Joe's speaking to Cap.

(sidenote: I see Joseph's still wearing a fetchingly ripped uniform ;-> )

3. Who filled Joseph in on all the "You were an evil tyrant and Chuck here wiped your mind stuff" and when did they do it?

(sidenote: funny no one's yet remarked how great it is to see Mags getting routinely knocked for a loop for once, even if it couldn't possibly be happening at a worse time.)

4. (Rogue saves Joseph scene) Oh, great. He's getting feelings for her (and worse, he's telling people about it).

5. (Joe and Rogue are saved scene) And who saves them? Doctor Doom. Singlehandedly, literally. Joseph stares in amazement. Suddenly, I'm feeling terribly depressed. And so will Magneto when he gets his marbles back.

6. (Doom makes self-aggrandizing speech lamenting Joe's non-Magneto-ness) Oh boy. First, I was unaware Doom considered anyone, let alone Magneto, to be a near-equal. And I was certainly unaware that Doom was planning on ruling the world with Magneto at his side. What's Doom wanting, an all-Gypsy world government? I mean, the only time I ever saw them together much, all Doom wanted to do was play mind games with Magneto, so he (Doom) could figure out what the heck Mags was doing suddenly replacing Chuck at the mansion.

7. (narrative about Onslaught) Well, now we've been told that yes indeedy, Onslaught has drained off at least some of Joseph's power. Unlike Xavier, Joseph can still use his. Franklin's still resisting. We don't know about Nate Grey yet, except he was trying to resist, and then Onny claimed he could control Nate's power now after reading Nate's mind.

8. Chuck owns up to his part in this whole fiasco. Never mind that Joseph isn't at all upset about what he now knows Xavier did, and just enjoy Chuck having it brought home to him that people are dead because of his blind arrogance.

9. (Onslaught rips out Nate's memories scenes) And hoo boy, does he not like what he sees. In fact, Onslaught is so ticked that he immediately changes his appearance, and his agenda - as he explains it to Chuck when he tries to reason with Onslaught: "The mutants we championed, Xavier, are every bit as petty and venal as humans! Neither race can rule the world without bringing it to ruin! My final declaration is this! Human or mutant . . . no one will survive Onslaught!"

So apparently now Onslaught is just going to kill everyone, starting with Chuck, and we have to wait till Onslaught: Marvel Universe for the conclusion.

Opinions, anyone?

"I like and respect Drizzt Do'Urden. That's why he's still alive."
Elminster of Shadowdale (GenCon '94)
"If you don't write it down it didn't happen."
Jack Ryan (_Debt of Honor_)

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