Richie's Milestone

By Henry Wyckoff

Standard disclaimers apply.

My apologies, once you're done reading it, but you realize it just had to be done?

"Richie!" barked Duncan in his memory. "Think slow and smooth! Like this!"

Richie tried to imitate him, even checking back on the notes that he secretly took, but failed miserably. "Ouch! How the hell did it look so easy when he did it?" For all his efforts, he got a nasty cut across his chin. The cut wasn't all that bad, and healed pretty quickly. It just hurt worse than a paper cut.

"Gotta get back up the horse when you fall off," Richie muttered to himself. He took a deep breath, almost unable to move because of his fear and uncertainty. Even with his immortality, he was facing an invisible obstacle that effectively kept him from crossing the line.

Eventually he got back up on the figurative horse, and tried again. "OK... Think slow and smooth... like Tai Chi. No tension in the arms or wrists.... I think I've got it! I've got it! OUCH!"

Once more Richie got cut. A nick this time, but a cut nevertheless.

"Just one more try, and you're done for the day!" Even if he wasn't a master at this -- //Don't fool yourself! You suck at this, Richie!// -- he could reach the finish line.

He reached the finish line!

Grabbing the razor, he ran over to Duncan, who was fixing Eggs Benedict in the loft kitchen. "Mac! Mac!"

Duncan looked up in alarm, then realizing that it was just Richie, excited about something, relaxed and asked, "What happened?"

He held up his razor with pride. "Mac! I just learned to shave!"

-- The End --

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