Subject: Review of Rainbow by Martha Grimes (fiction)
From: (usually known as Tia'RaHu)
Date: 1995/06/05

Well, I've read Martha's latest, and here's my opinion -

Not one of her best, but one of her better. In _Horse_ she concentrated too much on character at the expense of the plot; in _Rainbow_ she concentrates on both. This book is one of the more serious ones, but there's still lots of amusing things going on. Macalvie (yes, he's back) shows a more caring, philosophical side that poor old Jury just can't cope with (or say no to), and the possible ID of a person whose 'relation' to a Certain Party has been long-hinted at is revealed. And at the end, a possible future relationship between Melrose and Lady Kennington is apparently set up.

Bits I had trouble with:
1. Trueblood is pretty visible in the first few chapters, then just totally vanishes for the rest of the book with no explanation.
2. The ending of the Santa Fe stuff is pretty weak - none of the gang (Jury, Macalvie, Melrose, Mrs. Wasserman, etc.) are even there, or anywhere near.
3. The whole Wiggins subplot. At first, it looked like it was going somewhere really neat, then it just sort of died. And despite the fact that they've only been back from New York for a week, 'Baron Tweedears' isn't mentioned.
4. Stan Keeler is just now moving into the flat between Jury's and Carole-Anne's? He was planning that a couple of years ago.

I loved the way Grimes tied in the thing with the tapister, Philip Calvert's aunt who died in the Tate while looking at Chatterton, and a new plot. I couldv'e done without the Crippses, though.

On a scale of 10, I give this book a 7.5, and that's mostly entertainment value.

"I like and respect Drizzt Do'Urden. That's why he's still alive."
Elminster of Shadowdale (GenCon '94)
"If you don't write it down it didn't happen."
Jack Ryan (_Debt of Honor_)

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