Punched by an Angel
by Henry Wyckoff

A crossover between Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Millennium, and Touched by an Angel

Chapter 11

Latro sat in the most secure cell that a precinct lockup could provide, which was to say that he had no roommates named Bubba and had the attention of not one or two, but rather five armed police officers to make sure that he didn't even scratch his ankles without supervision. That wasn't to say he could do much anyway. He was thoroughly chained from neck to ankle. If Amnesty International had seen his plight, they'd've been mobilizing to hit the station.

Monica observed him though a closed circuit TV. "I don't see any change in his expression."

Peter snorted, "Lunatics like that guy usually change."

She looked sharply at him, "I can understand your feelings towards him, but I'm sure that he's just disturbed."

"I've really got to hand it to you for an original response. Most women who nearly get killed by guys like this would be the first to press charges."

"I refuse to, and I ask that you treat him with mercy and understanding."

That caught him slack-jawed. "You . . . WHAT?"

Her own tone became stern, "I ask that you treat him with mercy and understanding. No matter what he's done, he still deserves a chance to repent, and a chance to allow us to understand him."

Peter sat down, "Look . . . Monica, is it? Monica. How much do you know about him already other than the fact that he just tried to kill you and nearly killed your friend Andrew? For all we know, Andrew's dying as we speak!"

She looked down, "I know that Latro's hunting down every Angel he can find. He's declared his own war against God, and he'll win if he can force God to speak to him on his own terms. All he has to do is listen, and he can hear God."

He nodded, "I'd disagree with you on a few points, but my father would be the first to agree with you on that point. Except he'd use another name for God."

"Your father, Kwai-Chang."

"You know him?"

Her smile was quick, "I was on Search and Rescue before I became a caseworker. Your father needed the occasional nudge from the edge of the catwalk."

Peter shook his head, "I don't even want to know . . . anyway, it won't matter a bit if you testify or not. We have enough physical evidence to nail him for the murders, and if you don't press charges, the State will."

"What will the State do? Lock him away forever or execute him? I don't believe I've ever heard of a court sentence a man to heal his wounds, or to amend his ways."

"No, but we live in the real world, where the aim is to just keep him from doing it again. His spirit will be tended to once he meets God and gets his rewards or his punishments."

* * *

Kermit looked at the body of Andrew in the ICU ward. For an Angel, he showed incredible luck, but a poor rate of healing. Latro, who by every account billed himself as a poor mortal, healed in such a way that he had finally convinced Kermit of the existence of beings who could be supernatural.

Ironic, because Andrew billed himself as an Angel sent from God, and showed no traits that other mortals didn't have.

Andrew opened his eyes. "What am I doing here?"

Kermit smiled blandly from beneath his shades, which had faintly reflected the light for a moment, "Usually they ask where they are or who I am. You're in the hospital because you took a nasty lead ball. Did more damage than even a 45 could. You're lucky to be alive."

"Not lucky. Luck had nothing to do with it."

He snorted, "What was it then? The will of God? If you're an Angel, I would think it's God's will that you'd never be in that mess to begin with."

"I've never been in this position before," Andrew admitted. "But God has to have a reason for it." His expression became sad. "I wonder if it was a test."

"What do you mean?"

"Angels have always watched and carried messages. Our whole purpose is to bring messages or work God's will on earth. I acted by my own will in a way that I knew was wrong."

"What are you talking about? You put yourself in the way of a slug that would have killed Monica for sure!"

"But was it God's plan?"

Kermit spat on the clean hospital floor, "Look -- Andrew -- you can second-guess yourself until you're insane, or you can look at things in the honest way. You acted on your own, and you did the right thing." He sat down on a visitor's chair. "That first time I met you in the cathedral, I met up with Latro. You know what he told me?"

"What did he tell you?"

"One of the many things he told me is that God and Angels are guilty of things that any man would be charged for. If what he told me is right, you watched while he killed Valerius. You Angels watch atrocities every day and do nothing." He stared into Andrew's eyes, and Andrew found it hard to look at those shades and the grim face. "You watched with your very eown yes while I took some lives that I never should have taken!"

"Is that regret I hear?"

"No. I was certain about it before I took their lives. I know what I did, just like you do. I'm just man enough to admit it."

It occurred to Kermit then that he accepted Andrew as an Angel. It didn't take miracles or light shows. In fact, it was the 'blatant' proof that hadn't convinced him.

It was something as meaningless as a simple conversation that had done it, and the look of truth in Andrew's eyes.

* * *

Frank entered the interrogation room. Latro smiled at him and rolled his eyes.

"Latro," Frank spoke in his usual sandpaper-voice monotone, sitting down. "You know that we have enough evidence to put you behind bars for good, and you don't even want a lawyer."

Latro snorted, "How's this for a quote from the Bible: 'I tell you the truth!'" He stared deep into Frank's eyes, and it made Frank shiver. "I tell you the truth that it makes no difference what you do. Put me in bars, and I'll walk before next sunrise. Kill me, and I'll come back. Tell me lies, and I'll spit them back in your face." He stared even deeper, "Look into my eyes, Frank Black, and ask me if there's anything that hasn't already been done."

* * *

Frank shivered with the intensity of the visions.

He couldn't put it into words, but it was forcing him to scream. His eyes were bored into Latro's, but he didn't even see those eyes. He just howled.

* * *

When his vision came back, it was outside the interrogation room.

Peter was slapping him, "Come on, man! Snap out of it!"

Monica put a concerned hand on Frank's shoulder. "Did you see it, Peter?"

"Yeah, I saw it!" He slammed his fist into a wall. "A big-shot guest star starts going nuts under the camera! Defense is going to love that tape!"

"I know what Latro is." She looked at Peter. "I looked into his eyes, just as Frank did. I saw what had been done to him, and I think there is something that hasn't been done yet. Latro is a fallen Angel, but not as Satan or his family of demons. Latro is different because he believes he was born a man, and lives as a man, because he has forgotten what he was. His problem is not that he doesn't hear God, but that he has forgotten him."

"Oh, this is getting just too good!" Peter was nearly going into a seizure from his frantic pacing. "An ex-FBI profiler who goes into a screaming fit and a witness who thinks she's an Angel."

"Peter!" Monica stood up. A halo surrounded her, strong enough to blind the eye, "I AM AN ANGEL SENT BY GOD."

Peter snorted, "In the words of my father, "A neat trick."' With a wave of his hand, the halo went out, leaving Monica very confused.

"Let me guess. That's never happened before?" His smirk spoke volumes. "You should meet my dad, he'd put you to shame. Oh, but I forget, you were in 'Search and Rescue.' You must have seen his tricks all the time!"

Frank had managed to crawl into a sitting position against the wall, "Peter, listen to her." Then he passed out again.

* * * *

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