Punched by an Angel
by Henry Wyckoff

A crossover between Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Millennium, and Touched by an Angel

Chapter 10

Kermit and Andrew heard the sound of a cannon coming from one of the walls.

"Is there any construction going on that I don't know about?"

Kermit was trying to be funny, but Andrew's face paled. "No, there isn't."

They both looked at each other and ran for the door.

When they got there, they saw Frank and Latro at a standoff. Andrew froze, not sure what he should do.

Kermit didn't have to think -- his gun was out and pointed at Latro. "Put it down!"

Latro shook his head, "You know I won't." His aim shifted from Frank to Monica, and just as his intentions were clear, he found himself pumped full of bullets from Kermit. Frank only fired once. Latro was most definitely not wearing a vest, because genuine blood was squirting out of his chest. To their amazement, they saw energy sparking out of the wounds. Latro fell to his knees, trying to hold in the scream. When it was over, his eyes were as wild as his hair. The expression on his face was not pleasant to behold.

Kermit backed up a step, "What the hell . . . "

Frank wasn't surprised, for some reason. He'd never seen anything like this, but the possibilities were not unknown to his philosophy.

Andrew was beyond puzzled. Angels were dying right and left, and this mortal had somehow healed himself from several life-ending wounds. When he saw Latro aim for Monica once more, he knew that he had to take matters into his own hands. If bullets wouldn't work, then it called for different measures.

That's the thing that had bothered him all along. When Valerius had been killed, Andrew had known that he could have acted, but he hadn't. He could have stopped him from killing Fritz, but he hadn't. Why? He believed that it came down to faith in God, a faith that in the end, all would be revealed and be for the best. It just took patience. But how could patience win in such a situation, when his friends were being killed right and left? Where was God's message, when His voice was silent?

Andrew almost felt mortal, deaf to the voice of God.

He could stop Latro now, he knew, but the question stopped him. Is it right? Would it be right to kill Latro? If it was right, why? Then it hit him. Could Latro be a fallen Angel? It would explain a few things, but that just made it worse. Andrew would be attacking his own kind.

Just when Monica, frozen with fear, thought that her life was about end, she saw Andrew leap in the way and take the lead ball that was meant for her. A heartbeat later, he tackled Latro to the ground, where they struggled, but for only a moment. Latro had so little regard for his gun that he didn't fight for it. Andrew thought it might be over then -- that Latro had given up -- but he learned it was otherwise when a fist dazed him.

Latro faced off with Frank and Kermit once more, his rifle back in his hands. "Anyone else care to be a hero?"

He was answered by several bullets that had the same effect as before. "I think you're out of ammo." His smile was vicious, "Let it not be said I have no chivalry." The rifle fell on the ground and was replaced with his axe.

Frank and Kermit moved in front of Monica, "Don't even think about it."

"All right." He shrugged, swinging his axe towards Andrew's neck, which was right by his side.

Kermit was the first to make the interception, and by the time he was done with Latro, Latro wasn't going anywhere. "By the way," Kermit panted, "you're under arrest."

Frank had stood back, a strange feeling passing through him, as if he had just witnessed something that had never happened before, but couldn't be so. People fought every day.

Monica was the first to notice that Andrew wasn't getting up. "Call an ambulance!"

Andrew was dying.

* * *

Peter looked out the window, "Ancient, do you believe in Angels? I mean, the real thing?"

The Ancient smiled crookedly, "Do you believe in dragons or in sorcerers?"

"I'd be the first to say no . . . except that ever since I was reunited with my father, I've seen black magic, chi poisoning, and even gone back in time. I don't know what to believe anymore. And if there's such a thing as an Angel, would this killer be a devil? Or is he a mortal who's been walking down a road I've never heard about?"

"Who is to say? He could be anything, but I know this much." The Ancient held out his hands, "Good or evil, everything has its own inner balance, and a balance with the rest of the world. We might call something good or evil, but it has to be what it is. Remember the Tao Te Ching, 'Without evil, how would we know the good?'"

Peter didn't like this, and said as much, "Without evil, there would be good. Criminals wouldn't roam the streets, and I'd be out of a job!"

"Yes, but you would not know it as good, because you would not be able to compare your experience to anything, and that would be the greatest sadness. Much as the boy who is kept in a wooden crate all of his life, and when the authorities discover it, he explains that he believed that everyone lived all of their lives in a crate."

His cell phone rang. "Peter here."

"Peter, it's Kermit. We've got Latro in cuffs. Why don't you meet us at the precinct?"


" . . . and Peter. We've got ourselves a little something that we don't find in our everyday world."

"What do you mean?"

"Let me put it this way. Fire a gun at the Energizer Bunny, and what do you have? A dead bunny."

Peter shook his head, "I don't get it."

"This guy ain't the Energizer Bunny."

* * * *

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