Punched by an Angel
by Henry Wyckoff

A crossover between Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Millennium, and Touched by an Angel

Chapter 5

Andrew watched Kermit walk away with determination. The man must have been so rattled that he'd forgotten the very thing he'd mentioned: wherever Andrew was, so was a dead man. Kermit thought he was walking away from the cathedral, and that might have been true. However, he was also walking into the fire.

Who else did he suddenly see but their number one suspect, walking towards the cathedral.

The man recognized him and frowned, "I spared your life. What more do you want?"

Kermit didn't pull out his gun. It was a public place and very cliché. Plus, the other man hadn't pulled his yet. "Why don't you tell me what's going on? I don't even know your name."

It seemed really strange, but this guy wasn't spooked at all. The guy knew that Kermit was a cop with a big gun in his jacket, but he didn't try to run or fight. His mood was as calm as if he was discussing the weather with a curious traveler. "My name is Latro." He held out his hand. "I'm sorry about knocking you out, but I figured in your case it was the lesser of two evils."

Accepting that this was just the beginning of this surreal episode, Kermit shook Latro's hand. "Kermit Griffin. Why did you kill that man? There are a lot of worse people in Chinatown."

He nodded. "No doubt. The man was a genuine Angel sent by God. His mission matched his name very well, if you know the Latin. He was famous for helping homeless people get back on their feet. A very noble undertaking, until you realize that he didn't give a damn what these people would be like a year down the road. What would the job market be like? He plays the same role as the community college, and has the same manner of ethics."

Kermit's head swam in confusion. "I don't understand."

"Not yet, anyway. Think about it this way. You've heard all your life about how God cares. Pray and live a good life, and God will take care of you, right? Well, I've prayed so earnestly, and have been repaid by nothing but curses. God refuses to answer me, so I decided to make him listen." His eyes grew intense, and his voice shook. "I intend to kill every divine messenger I encounter until he will talk to any one of us humans in a voice that we can hear."

"Why did you choose to come here? You couldn't have known I was here."

"No. Another Angel is here." He snickered. "Quite subtle, you know? Andrew. Saint Andrew's Cathedral. He's the Angel we both saw in the distance that night. He could have saved his friend, but he didn't because God didn't want him to, or told him not to help. What kind of servant of love is that? Would you be a good human being if you didn't help another fellow human out of a scrape? Wouldn't you be charged with allowing a needless death, or whatever the equivalent in Canada is?"

Kermit had never been a psychologist or a religious man, but he could relate to a lot of what Latro was saying. Anyone should have at least understood the basics of this man's religious dilemma. Kermit also recalled what had just been revealed to him, and wondered about the light trick that he'd earlier thought was a trick.

Before either one of them could say anything else, Latro hissed, "Incoming!" He shouldered Kermit out of the way, tackling him with no effort at all.

A speeding limo screeched to a halt by the sidewalk, and two automatic rifles shot at the two men. Because of Latro's action, Kermit was spared. Latro was hit in the chest with such force that he was slammed into the ground. The sound produced from the ribcage was loud as a drum. It was quite obvious that Latro wasn't wearing a vest, because Kermit could see the copious blood and hear the hissing that came from a punctured lung.

Yet, a heartbeat later, Latro was whipping out a sawed-off rifle. The bang was so loud that Kermit thought it had burst his own heart. It shot a lead ball at the limo, and by the noise a head had been burst. The rifle belched a lot of smoke, and by the time he'd fired four more shots, Kermit could hear the sounds of two other heads being burst.

By the time the smoke cleared, Latro was gone, without even a blood trail. The limo was still there, however.

Kermit's cell phone was already ut, and within moments, he had Peter on the line. "Peter! Get over to Saint Andrew's Cathedral right now!"

The whole time he had been walkeing over to the limo, and he now saw a bloody mess that would most likely put the coroner into fits. There would be few dental matches, that was for sure.

Something caught the side of his eye, and he saw a sad Andrew saying to the three corpses. "It's time to meet your maker." He looked at Kermit. "Maybe it's the long-distance killing that leaves a soul for me to lead home."

* * * *

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