The Nightman Trilogy

by Henry Wyckoff

Rating: All of these stories are rated R due to extremely graphic scenes, many of which are violent, and some moderate use of four letter words. Read at your own risk.

  • Goedel, Escher, and Bach . . . I Remember You

    (10 chapters - new revised version!)
    A friend of Captain Janeway's, the Nightman, is stunned when he realizes who has been assimilated by that attacking Borg vessel. Is it too late for a rescue?
    Universe: Highlander/Star Trek: Voyager

  • Irish Kegbomb of the Soul

    (incomplete; I only have the first four chapters)

    The Nightman sinks into a terrible depression that only a fellow immortal, the Holodeck, and his new Betazoid friend can save him from as he finally confronts part of his tortuous past - but will the Voyager crew find out more than he wants them to?
    Universe: Highlander/Star Trek: Voyager

  • XTC

    The Lucky Lokison is back! First he drags poor Zedar and Silk up to the U.S.S Voyager, where he meets Duncan, the Doctor, and Sarah Jane, and from there it's only a short hop through time to pick up Scully, Methos, and a cute guy named Jan. But suddenly it's all spiralling out of control, and this time, Powys isn't sure how to fix things.
    Universe: Highlander/Star Trek: Voyager/Doctor Who/X-Files/world of David Eddings

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