A Few Places of Interest

J.D. Larche
The home page of my friend Jason Larche. There's lots of theater-related links and a few other things.

The Darke Pages
The home page of my friend Alexander Darke. He has several of his shorter, original writings up, plus some other stuff.

Henry's Place
Henry Wyckoff's home page. Lots of what I can only describe as 'really neat stuff.'

Fan Fiction on the Net
Looking for fanfic? This page contains links to just about every fanfic archive of just about every genre.

Blake's 7 Links
This page has links to several Blake's 7 pages.

Chicago Hope Links Page
Links to lots of Chicago Hope-related pages - including pages devoted solely to Mandy Patinkin, aka The Voice of God on Earth. :-)

The Bujold Nexus
This site is dedicated to Lois McMaster Bujold and her books, especially her Miles Vorkosigan series, for which she's won four Hugos and a Nebula.

The Uncanny X-Page
Marty Blase's X-page. One of the best and most informative on the net covering most everything to do with the X-men and the X-verse in general.

Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Confused? Curious? This site has everything, literally, that you've ever wanted to know about Babylon 5, even stuff you haven't even thought of asking yet! Updated regularly. You can also find out info on the new Crusade series.

Alara's Now Rather Spiffy Magneto Page
Want to find out why Magneto is the greatest x-villian ever created? Go here. Want to do something evil to Byrne? Definately go here. There are critiques, pictures, fanfic, magnetically-related articles, and more.

Wizards of the Coast/TSR, Inc.
This is where TSR's home page is, for those of you interested in AD&D, DragonLance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, etc.

Bibliography Oziana
A more than complete guide to Frank L. Baum's fantasy series, Oz.

Slawek And Lisa's Page
Slawek is an artist, and a damn good one. His page has lots of pictures and music, including a tribute to Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION series.

Drew's Script-o-Rama
Looking for a movie or TV script? Drew has lots of 'em.

Resources for Authors, Publishers, and Publicists
Helpful page for writers, both pros and dilettantes, and lots of stuff about the publishing industry.

Astronomy Resources
Astronomy info and links, plus lots of pretty pictures.

Dance in Our Pants
Contains links to many 'dance' pages on the net, including the infamous Hamsterdance!

News of the Weird Archives
Contains real-life news articles about odd happenings.

Tests, Tests, Tests . . .
Here, you can take lots of those fun tests that analyze your personality.

If you discover any links that aren't working, please tell me so I can fix them. Thanks!

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