Just Rewards

By Henry Wyckoff

Standard Disclaimers Apply.

This is a springboard story from some YKWYBWTMH threads on the Highlander mailing list. This is for those people who aren't on the list -- a tidbit of a great thread you missed out on!

Duncan walked alone from the Eiffel Tower, where he was greeted by Joe, Methos, and Amanda. Blood was on him, but at least he had his sword sheathed.

"You did it!" smiled Methos. "That black out must have blasted the computer to bits!"

Duncan nodded, "Thank God!" Then he slumped into Amanda's arms...

* * *

...Meanwhile, in Hell.

Kalas opened his eyes, to find a tall, red-skinned man smiling at him. He had a pointy moustache and goatee, and poked at him slightly with a trident.

"Welcome to Hell, Kalas," smiled the Devil. "We have suuuuuch a fate in store for you! I don't think we've come up with anything as inventive as this!" He was obviously beside himself with glee.

Kalas felt a dry lump stick in his throat as he was dragged into an empty theatre, where he was then tightly secured. The Devil left him there. "Enjoy!" Then he was left in darkness.

The curtains opened, and a spotlight tured on.

"NOOOOOOOO!" All Kalas could do was croak. The nasty cut to his throat was still in full force.

It was the Evil Duncan, with that impudent sneer on his face, holding a karaoke microphone, "Thank you... thank you very much. It's so great to be here!" There was a drum roll and cymbal crash. "Thanks! Now for my special song..."

Kalas was trying desperately to run away, but he couldn't budge as Duncan started to sing in a very horrible fashion, "Ave Maria..."

Not the end. Not the beginning of the end. For Kalas, this is the beginning of the beginning.

The End

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