Greetings. I'm E.V. von Baumer, known on the net as Tia'RaHu. And there's some other people who call me Leie. I'm a market research investigator and assistant night field supervisor for the Communication Development Company/Quester Research, where I've worked for more almost four years now. More importantly (in my mind!) I'm also a writer (as yet unpublished, alas). This page is always under construction.

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Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't updated in, um, a really long time (pretends to not be embarrassed) . There's a long story behind that, but good things pretty mostly came of the bad things, so I can't exactly complain. Hopefully I 'll have time to update more often now.






LLet's see. I've put up a short story called How Methos Got His Cool, and Henry has started something new called The True Story, which explains how Caspian ended up in that mental ward on Highlander: The Series. Next up, another Axer Carrick story, which some of you will likely find quite tragic.

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