How Methos Got His Cool
by Henry Wyckoff
September 1998

Methos is the ultimate of cool. Nothing ever rattles his cool feathers, and he's always the statement in what's hip and real, and now I know why...

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A Watcher was talking with Adam Pierson about the Methos Project. "You know... we haven't had any luck finding Methos, but there's a lot of accounts about him. I've always wondered what it was that happened to him, about 2000 years ago, that made him change so suddenly."

Methos remembered...

* *

...It was another normal day on the barren Arabian sands, and Methos thought he'd seen the light of a Quickening, but there were no bodies to be found.

An object fell from the sky. What it was, Methos didn't know, but whatever it was, it opened, and two young men popped out of it. Their hair was wild and uncombed, and their clothes were quite colorful.

Their jaws just about dropped when they saw Methos. "Check it out, Bill! It's Rod Stewart!"

"No, dude! We're back before Jesus, remember?"Bill hissed to Ted. Then he called to Methos, "Hey you! The guy with the Rod Stewart head! Yeah, you! Where can we find Jesus? Seen any hippies with three camels and a bunch of sage, and stuff?"

"No, Bill! That's 'dope,' you idiot! Dope! It just _smells_ like sage!"

"Okay... Hey! You see anybody with a bunch of reefer? Sort of looks like this 'peace-dude' rastafarian?"

The whole time, Methos was staring at these two like they were a couple of idiots. Or maybe he was the idiot.

"Forget Jesus, Ted -- we can pick up a guy on Fourth Avenue outside the co-op. Let's get this Rod Stewart dude!"


Invisible air guitars.

The next thing Methos knew, he was being yanked into the contraption, and he was surrounded by bright lights....

* *

"...I bet it was a drastic change, but it would probably be far more unbelieveable than immortality."