The Cycle of Axer Carrick

Note: The stories Cancerman + Scully? and Code of Dimack precede The Cycle of Axer Carrick. You don't need to have read them, but it helps a little.

Rating: All of these stories are rated R due to extremely graphic violence, a few nasty torture scenes, truly excessive drinking, and some moderate use of four letter words. Oh, and in Reading the Endtrails there's an F/F scenario, but it's not particularly graphic, so if you object to such things you can pretty much blip by it.

  • When the Veil is Lifted

    A drunk, out-of-work scientist is brutally murdered in the dark streets of Toronto, and Nick Knight and Don Schanke are given the case. But when Nat's autopsy doesn't go quite as planned, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are called in to take a look. (8 chapters)
    Universe: Forever Knight/Highlander/X-Files

  • Duplicity

    Mulder's suicidal, Scully's had it with the X-Files, Skinner's in Toronto bailing them out of yet another mess, Cancerman's friends are sending help, Krycek's being pursued through the airport, Duncan and Richie have come to town, and a bunch of cultists are out to kill immortals and vampires alike. And that's just the beginning . . . (11 chapters)
    Universe: Forever Knight/Highlander/X-Files

  • First Interlude: Coleen


  • Frostmelt

    Thanks to LaCroix, Sharpe is now the de facto general of what's passing for the Forces of "Good", while Krycek has entered the world of European politics and religion. Scully, meanwhile, is running every scientific test she can think of on the Spear - until a raving maniac claiming to be Odin comes to get it. But what's it all got to do with something called Yggdrasil? (20 chapters)
    Universe: Forever Knight/Highlander/X-Files

  • Second Interlude: Powys


  • Reading the Endtrails

    Methos is dragged into the fray while Axer discovers a new part of the Invisible Ones' conspiracy when he tries to save a vampire being attacked by mysterious "Blackboxmen." As if Toronto didn't have enough going on with a serial killer and a certain ex-merc in green shades showing up . . . and so, in order to help find answers, LaCroix's in the basement playing Twenty Questions with an unwilling Nick and an even more unwilling prisoner. (30 chapters)
    Universe: Forever Knight/Highlander/X-Files /Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

  • Riding the Wave

    The Invisible Ones, tired of incompetent and traitorous henchmen, decide to take things into their own hands while their enemies are trapped in the Raven by a riot. Soon, Axer and LaCroix find themselves playing a game for Kate's freedom, Mulder corners a Norse god, and a Fire Giant with a surprising secret identity gets involved. (15 chapters)
    Universe: Forever Knight/Highlander/X-Files/Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

  • Cats Eyes

    Powys throws restraint to the wind as Ragnarok heats up, while Janette has given Nick a gift beyond price - if he can hold onto it. The Mayor of Toronto's making deadly plans for his city, and Duncan has his own problems over in Paris. Will poor Mulroney survive a bout with the possessed Tracy? What's happened to Krycek? An why's Coleen expecting a showdown to be waiting for her at the Landing? (35 chapters)
    Universe: Forever Knight/Highlander/X-Files/Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

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