Chivalry: The Shortest Duel

A Really Short Story
by Henry Wyckoff
January 31, 1996

Duncan MacLeod walked slowly through the alley, the dark mists cloaking him as he silently passed the trash and debris. He sensed another immortal, and he knew that this one was close.

His senses proved true. A young-looking man wearing a worn and weather-beaten trenchcoat emerged, barely visible in the darkness. His face looked worn and weathered as well, but his expression was one of light-hearted recklessness.

"I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod," said Duncan with his katana drawn and ready.

In a movement so fast it was a blur, the younger one drew a powerful handgun and shot a bullet through Duncan's neck, decapitating him and blowing away a good portion of his torso and lower head as well. Duncan's head hit the wall and bounced off, hitting the ground and rolling away, and his body flopped onto the asphalt.

The one with the gun said, "And I am someone who was born long after the age of chivalry."

The End

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