Buckyballs and Bugs

(also known as: What happens when Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world in the world of Forever Knight . . . )

by Henry Wyckoff

Pinky: "Gee Brain, how are we going to take over the world tonight?"

Brain: "It's quite simple, Pinky. Most of the infrastructures of the world are based on concrete -- therefore we will insert a carbon-phage and sulfur-phage into a buckyball, and deposit these buckyballs all over the world. The carbon-phage will eat through the buckyball, and the sulfur-phage will eat up all the sulfur in concrete. The infrastructure of the world will collapse, allowing me, Brain, to conquer and rule the world!"

Pinky, shaking his head: "Eee gads, Brain! That's brilliant! Wait! No, no, no . . . it won't work. What if the two bugs get in a fight?"

Brain's expression instantly becomes frightened, then reverts to normal: "Then we'll have to work fast! . . . "

. . . Nick Knight and Tracy meet up with Brain and Pinky in a chemical plant, where they are attempting to synthesize enough fullerines to do their work.

Tracy: "Ohhhh! How cuuuuute! Wittle mice!"

Nick, to himself: "I think I'm going to be sick." Nick, out loud: "What do you two think you're doing?"

Brain, calmly: "We're two laboratory lab mice executing a scheme to take over the world."

Tracy: "Oh Nickie! He's so funny! Can I take him home?"

Pinky hops up and down with joy.

Brain's expression becomes one of instant fear of impending doom: "I don't think I like the look of this . . . "

Tracy instantly grabs Pinky and Brain in each hand, running home, making sounds like: "Oooh, cute!" and "We're going to play 'house' and 'tea party'!"

Nick wipes some sweat off his face with a sigh of relief. Brain is frozen in absolute terror, while Pinky is whooping with glee, asking: "Eee gads! Who do I get to play? . . . "

. . . Later that night, Brain paces back and forth in the pink cage, over-decorated with fuzzy bars, bow ties, and cushions.

Pinky: "Eee gads, Brain! Don't you just love the decoration?"

Brain suddenly snaps and pounds on the bars: "Help!! Get me out of here!"

Tracy comes round the corner, since he got her attention.

Brain, realizing his mistake: "Oh no . . . "

The End

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