Brave Emo!

by Henry Wyckoff

A short crossover between Highlander and EEK! the Cat

Note: ok... It's late and my mind is a bit off center tonight, but what the hell -- it had to be done! If you haven't seen EEK before, then this might not make too much sense, but if it convinces you to check out at least one episode, then all will make sense.

It was dark in the forest, but that didn't bother Eek too much. The Squishy Bears were in trouble, and needed to be saved by yours truly: Eek. ...So, he knew that as long as he kept those rosy glasses on his face, everything would be A-OK.

But then he saw lightning in the forest. And for a brief instant, he saw the outline of the figure. The Kurgan. Evil incarnate.

"Kum ba ya!" said Eek. "But I know what can make everything right. Brave Emo will save the day!"

Instantly, the forest turned to day and the rain stopped, and from everywhere, he could hear the chorus:


A parade of stags carried another stag on their shoulders, wearing mediaeval armor and a talbard with a big letter 'E'. He continued the song in a squeaky voice:

I'm really glad to hear that name
It gives me such a thrill
To save the day of those in need
And save the day I will!

BRAVE Emo! BRAVE Emo! (The other stags sang)

Eek joined in:

I'm so glad you'll save the day
I'd feared that hope was dead
The Kurgan's got the Squishy Bears
And he'll take off all their heads!

BRAVE Emo! BRAVE Emo! (The other stags sang)

At this, Emo flinched:

I really thought that wasn't it
I cannot tell a lie
I'm scared of blood and clashing swords
And I'm afraid to die!


The stags suddenly looked at one another, and dropped Emo, shaking their heads and muttering as they walked off into the forest.

Eek drug a struggling Emo by the arm, "Come, Brave Emo! We must rescue the Squishy Bears...!"

The End

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