Constitution and By-Laws of Lake Area Quilters’ Guild







The name of this guild will be Lake Area Quilters’ Guild.

The purpose of the guild will be to further the interest of our members and community in the art of quilting.





The officers of this guild will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.





1.   Before March, the nominating committee will be selected and will present their report in April.

2.   All officers will be elected at the May meeting and sworn into office in June at the annual meeting. Balloting will be by written ballot when more than one candidate is on the slate for any office. Otherwise balloting may be by show of hands. Elected officers will hold office until their successors are installed.

3.     No member will be eligible to hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive years.

4.   A vacancy in office will be filled by a special appointment by the Executive Board, except in the event the President is unable to complete the term, then the Vice-President will become President.

5.     The Annual Meeting will be held in June.





Membership in the guild will be open to all interested persons. Any interested person will become a member upon payment of dues. Members will be eligible to vote and/or hold office.






The President will:

1.   Preside at all meetings of the guild and the Executive Board

2.   Appoint standing committee chairpersons

3.   Call Executive meetings

4.   Have a general supervision of the guild and perform such other duties as pertain to the office

5.   Serve on the Executive Board for one (1) year after her/his term expires

6.   Sign checks for the guild

7.   Have the authority to cancel any event or meeting because of weather

8.   Initiate the Calling Tree when necessary


The Vice-President will:

1.   Assist the President

2.   In the absence of the President, discharge the duties of the President

3.   Perform such duties as assigned by the Executive Board

4.   Advance to President if that office is vacated during the term of office

5.   Advance to President in the year following her/his term as Vice-President

6.   In December of the current year arrange for monthly meeting site for the following year


The Secretary will:

1.   Keep accurate records of proceeding of business meetings and Executive Board meetings

2.   Write and send any necessary correspondence as directed by the Executive Board or officers

3.   Update Constitution and By-laws as needed


The Treasurer will:

1.   Keep an itemized accurate account of all receipts and expenditures of funds for the guild according to the Budget.

2.   Give an accounting to membership monthly

3.   Collect and record dues paid. Give membership forms to Newsletter Chairperson.

4.   Sign checks for the Guild

5.   Pay all bills incurred by the guild with Executive Board approval

6.   Provide Executive Board with new member information

7.   Apply for Quilt Raffle gambling license as needed


Hospitality Chairperson will:

1.   Arrange for hostesses for each meeting and explain duties to include refreshments, set-up, and clean-up

2.   Provide the door prize at each meeting and monitor the drawing for the prize

3.   Provide “Guild Information” card to each visitor

4.   Compile and distribute a Membership Kit for new members

5.   Send cards (with words of support) to Guild members as needed

6.   Submit annual Budget proposal to Treasurer by April ~


Program Chairperson will:

1.   Provide a program for each membership meeting through August of the following year

2.   Submit the proposed programs to the Executive Board for approval

3.   Board approval is required before scheduling a program beyond the current year

4.   Submit annual Budget proposal to Treasurer by April l~


Assistant Program Chairperson will:

1.   Assist the Program Chairperson

2.   Advance to Program Chairperson in the year following her/his term

3.   Supervise Special Projects such as mystery quilts, lottery blocks, road trips, round robins, challenges, secret sister, white elephant sale, etc.

4.   Submit annual Budget proposal to Treasurer by April 1st


The Newsletter Chairperson/s will:

1.   Publish and distribute monthly newsletter

2.   Keep a current list of names, addresses, e-mail addresses, birthdays and phone numbers of members

3.   Print monthly guild meeting sign-in sheets for guild members and guests

4.   Publish and distribute Membership Directory as needed

5.   Send letters or vIsit area quilt stores offering advertising space in newsletter at least once per year.

6.   Submit annual Budget proposal to Treasurer by April l~


Historian/Publicity Chairperson will:

1.   Maintain an ongoing record of guild activities with pictures, clippings, and other pertinent materials in a scrapbook

2.   Contact area newspapers to publish monthly Guild meeting information

3.   Contact the media with news of guild events including national quilting publications

4.   Maintain “LAQG History Sheet” yearly and give updates to Newsletter Chairperson for Membership Directory

5.   Submit annual Budget proposal to Treasurer by April ls~ (excluding Quilt Show publicity).





1.   Will meet together at least once each month prior to the regular business meeting

2.   Will consist of all elected officers, Past President, and elected committee chairpersons

3.   The Executive Board has the authorization to appoint any member to fulfill any vacated office






1.   The Budget Committee will consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Newsletter Chairman, Quilt Show Chairman, and Program Chairman.

2.   This Committee shall determine the budget to submit to the Executive Board for approval.

3.   Budget must be submitted to the Executive Board by May 1St for approval at the Annual Meeting in June.




Nominating Committee (appointed in February)

1.   The nominating committee will consist of two or three members

2.   This committee will present nominations for officers at the regular meeting in April. At this meeting and the meeting in May, nominations may be made from the floor provided the nominee is present or has given consent to serve if elected.


Quilt Show Committee

1.   The Quilt Show Committee will oversee all activities of our guild quilt shows including all Quilt Show publicity

2.   The Quilt Show Committee will be determined on a volunteer basis

3.   The Co-Chairperson will advance to the position of Chairperson for the next show

4.   Submit annual Budget proposal to Treasurer by April l~.


Quilts for Sharing Committee

1.   The Committee shall be determined on a volunteer basis

2.   The Committee shall consider quilt-related project(s) of service to our communities and select one or more to present to the Executive Board. After approval is given, it will be the Committee’s responsibility to plan sew-dates or other means of completing the project(s).




The regular meeting of this guild will be held in Clear Lake, Iowa the first Thursday of cad month at 7:00 p.m. Time and place of meetings may be changed by the Executive Board or by a majority vote of the guild.





Dues are to be paid to the Treasurer in July. Non-members may attend two (2) meetings fre with no voting rights. After December 31, new members dues will be one-half (1/2) of the yearly dues.





All funds raised through membership dues, projects, etc., will be used for the expenses of tF guild such as newsletters, mailings, programs, hospitality, historian, or other interests of the guild which have been voted on by the membership.





Any member in good standing (dues paid in full) will have the right to vote, to participate ii meetings and activities, and/or hold an office in the guild.





One-half (1/2) of the paid members present at a business meeting will constitute a quorum. One more than one-half (1/2) the number of Executive Board members will constitute a quorum at an Executive Board meeting.





The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30.




1.   Name Tags

a.   Must be made using Lake Area Quilt Guild design

b.   Must be worn at all quilt guild events.

c.   Must be worn to be eligible for door prize drawing at regular meeting.

d.   Members are eligible for one door prize per year.

e.   New members will have a two (2) month grace period to make a nametag and will be eligible for the door prize during that period.

2.   Officers and Committee Chairpersons will forward their completed records to their successors or the President at the annual meeting in June

3.   Fee for non-members attending a program of interest which has incurred an expense to the guild will be set by the Executive Board prior to that meeting.

4.   Fees for special events are due at registration and are non-refundable.

5.   Each guild member is eligible for one (1) free quilt related ad per year in the monthly newsletter.

6.   Any item not included in the current budget must be authorized by the Executive Board prior to expenditure.




Library Policy


1.   Librarian shall be appointed

2.   All books may be checked out for a period of up to two months.

3.   Overdue books will be assessed a fine of $5.00 per month per book.


Quilt Pole Rental Policy


All parties for pole rental will sign a rental agreement and rental fees are as follows:


Guild Members

1.   Free rental to any Guild member for personal use only, up to two (2) units (which would display 10 quilts) per year.

2.   Rental of additional units will be $10.00 per unit up to $150.00 plus $50.00 damage deposit.

Non Guild Members/Other Organizations

1.   $15.00 per unit per time period, $400.00 maximum.

2.   A check for the entire rental fee, plus a second check for a $50.00 damage deposit will be required at time of rental. If there is no damage, the check for the damage deposit will be returned to the renter, and the check for the rental fee will be deposited to the Guild bank account.



Revised August, 2004