Tobi came through the Joplin Regional Stockyards in January 1998.
The same night we bought Velvet, we bought Tobi. Tobi also is supposed to be a papered paint who’s papers were in the mail. She was to be my horse, but I plan someday to pass her on to my youngest daughter, Sara. Tobi is the clown of the place. From the very start she was a "people" horse. If you are in the pasture, corral or barn…. She will be right behind you looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing. She has an extremely soft mouth and will react to the slightest cue. She prefers the arena to the trail, but I’m hoping to change her mind about that. *S*

Update: Tobi was given to Sara in the summer of 2000 and they are going to be a great team. Sara still needs some confidence, but that will come with more hours on Tobi.

Sara and Tobi in February of 2002!
They make a perfect pair.

The two faces of Tobi

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