Sister's Missouri Reunion - September 10-13, 1998

Okay my friends... in the interest of getting this page up and running before we are all too old and blind to see it, I am not editing or framing any of the pics. *S* Enjoy the pics.... we sure enjoy the memories!

Saddlebag & Jan at Saddlebag's place
Holly at computer, Jan, & Kim at Saddlebag's place

Perry & Chewy (Zane's dog) at Saddlebag's place. This is a lousy picture of Perry, but he hides from the camera, so it's the only one we have. *S*

Holly, Jan, Acie & Kim
Jan & Saddlebag

Lois & "Princess"
Lois, "Princess" & Amanda

Lois, "Princess" & Amanda
Lois - can you see her? *S* I believe the bay is Cyberdoc.

Amanda's self photo
Lois - her serious side *S*

Amanda's picture of "Princess"
Lois & Seine Minstrel

Lois & Playboy
Hope & Keiser

Hope & Keiser
Mabel & Keiser

Amanda, Lois, Val & Saddlebag
Caesar & Mark - Mark makes Caesar look normal size - but remember, Mark is 6'4" tall!!

Caesar, Mark & Mo
Caesar, Mark & Mo

Apollo - Nancy's Belgian Mule
Mark & Caesar

Mark & Caesar - it was so hot that day, but Mark saddled up and jumped Caesar for us. Just one example of how accomodating Mark was all weekend!
What a beautiful boy!

Mark & Caesar
Mark & Caesar

Mark & Caesar
Mark & Caesar

Mark & Caesar
Donnie & Connemara foal

Mare & Foal Pasture
Mare & Foal Pasture

Jeanette's Buckskin Paint baby - this was a surviving twin.
The Buckskin Paint baby checking Val out

Can you tell I like this baby?
Buckskin baby and Acie

Nancy, Acie, Joel, & Val -- on the hayride. We had such fun!
Mark, Nancy & Acie

Acie & Saddlebag in Beth's Kitchen
Nancy - not at all sure she wants her picture taken - it's also out of focus! *S*

Beth's Mark, Kim, & JeanneM -- extremely out of focus! Maybe it was the champagne we had for breakfast! LOL
Mark & Eddie in deep discussion -- probably a computer conversation. *S*

Acie, Saddlebag, Don, Beth's Mark, Kim, & JeanneM listening intently to one of Don's stories. He and Saddlebag are both very good story tellers.
The view from Beth's back yard -- lovely! This picture does not do it justice!

JeannM, Beth (being "hugged" by Legs) & Nancy
Beth (getting a "kiss" from Legs) & Nancy

Val's group shot from Saturday

Beth, Joel, & Don at Mark's Place
Joel, Val, JeanneM, & Lois

The beautiful cake that was waiting for Eddie & I when we arrived at Mark's Place!
I'm sure Hope and I were discussing the solutions to the world's problems *S* --- Saddlebag found something infinitely more interesting to listen to. *grin*

Lois feeding Petunia 1/2 a watermelon. This is one BIG pig!
Donnie (our hayride driver who doubles as Lois's wonderful husband) Thanks Donnie! Kim & Saddlebag had front row seats.

Acie, Nancy, Beth, Legs & Beth's TB mare (someone tell me her name).
The little "Princess"

Lois & "Princess"
Amanda, "Princess", Lois, & Joel

Fun times in Lois's Dining Room
Hope & Keiser

Mark & Caesar
Caesar, Mark & Mo

Apollo - Nancy's Belgian mule
Hayride - picnic lunch. Mark packed the lunch and it was great! What better way to eat lunch than with good friends, on a hay wagon in the shade, over looking a beautiful tree lined pasture full of mares and foals? Ahhhhhh...... Let's do it again soon! *S*

At the winery - just before we left - :(

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