These are a few pics of me on some of the horses I have owned and/or loved in the past.

Snow was my first horse. She was an Appy mare. I bought her on July 9, 1969. She was a 3 year old greenbroke filly, and I was a 13 year old girl. This picture was taken the day I bought her. I didn't own a saddle and hadn't done a lot of bareback riding. Snow and I taught each other a lot. We had a bond that I have yet to share with another horse. When I was a junior in college I was pasturing her near the college when another horse kicked her and broke her rear leg. I have had a lot of horses since Snow, but none quite as special.
Shoni -- this little bay was an appy/quarter cross that I broke and trained for some friends of my parents in 1977. I had the use of her for about a year until someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse.
Dreamer was a QH mare that my Dad bought for me in July of 1979, when I was 23 yrs. old. She was a green six year old. I had to make a few very difficult choices when we moved from California to Missouri in 1988. I was only able to bring 2 horses with me and I chose the two that I felt would make the best family horses. I will always regret selling this one.

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