When we bought our place 8 months ago, we were asked by the previous owners if we would be interested in keeping Tillie. She's an 9 yr. old black lab. She has lived at this house all her life and we love being her people!

Tillie protects her property and brings in the paper every day. She has learned to live with the cats and I think she secretly likes them, but don't tell her we know. *S*
Dawson and Molly are two mixed breed pups that we brought home from my girls' Dad's house. A few of the breeds that they have in them are: St. Bernard, Great Pyranees, Chow, Pit Bull, and Great Dane, and a couple unknown. In these pictures, they were 6 weeks old. Right now, they are over 4 months old and really ugly! ~LOL~ Just a stage, I am sure. *S*

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