We currently have 7 cats. Each one has their own, unique personality.

Chris is a siamese mix - tortie point. She appeared at my dining room window on Columbus Day of 1988. I immediately named her Christopher. Then I checked and changed her name to Chrissy. *S* She has lovely blue eyes, but unfortunately doesn't like to show them to the camera very often.
Patch is a calico and Star is a cream. They are litter sisters. I took them and their brother from a lady in the WalMart parking lot in July of 1988. They were 6 weeks old. It was 98 degrees outside and she had them in a wax covered box. Patch was so overcome with the heat that she was unable to stand for 2 hours after I took them home.
Oliver is a orange tabby,
Mariah is a tortoise shell,
and Squeek, is a long haired orange tabby.
These three and another sister were brought to me to take care of in August of 1997 when they were 4 weeks old. The mother had run out of milk when they were about 2 weeks old and the owner thought that feeding them canned milk twice a day was sufficient. They were tiny walking skeletons when we got them and we lost one beautiful little girl shortly after they came to live with us. These three are fine and have given us lots of laughs. *S*
Brat is a half brother to the three above. I brought him home when he was 6 weeks old in June of 1997. He is solid black and thoroughly enjoys living up to his name!

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