"Dotin Breeze"

Breeze in the Spring of 2000.

On March 1st, Eddie and I decided to go to an all registered horse auction in Rich Hill, MO, about 100 miles north of us. We were looking mainly for a trail riding horse for Eddie, since his mare was due to foal anytime. We were walking around outside looking at the horses prior to the sale and in the very last stall was this little bay mare. I walked over to look at her and she looked at me with the deepest warmest brown eyes. I told Eddie right then, "I want her". We really began to look at her and realized that this mare either had a good sized hay belly or she was in foal. She was obviously a quarter horse, bay with a small star and two back white half pasterns. We waited through most of the sale before they finally brought her through. A young man came in riding her bareback with just a halter. Then they began to read her pedigree and said that she was bred to a paint stud for a May foal and gave the stud’s background. The last thing we needed was another mare in foal, but I had to have her. Needless to say, we bought her. *S* She’s a nice mare to work with, but a bit skiddish. I’ve only ridden her once, and that was a short ride bareback, because she was so far in foal that I couldn’t bring myself to saddle her. She seemed to rein pretty well, but does a little dance when she gets nervous. She’s busy raising a foal right now, so it will be a little longer before we get out for a nice long ride. To see her pedigree, click on the picture at the top of the page.

Update: I started using Breeze in the summer of 2000 as my trail mare and she is just wonderful! She gets better on each ride and I am extremely pleased with her.

On May 20th she gave us a beautiful sorrel overo colt, "Sure".

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