Goodman, Missouri

Hello and Welcome to our place! I'm Holly. Eddie and I live in Goodman, MO, which is in the very southwest corner of Missouri. It's beautiful country here in the foothills of the Ozarks. This page is just here to introduce you to our 'family' of kids, horses, dogs and cats, provide a few links you might enjoy, and hopefully give you a smile or two.

If you have a dream and don't at least TRY to grab it . . . . shame on you!

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Pictures from the 1998 Missouri Sister's Reunion!

A day of flying kites and nervous horses! April 15, 2000

Pictures from our wedding - September 11, 1998!


Where is everyone Mom?
Our horses
. . . JOE

VELVET . . .

TOBI . . .

. . . BREEZE

Past horses
. . . CUBBY

Holly's past . . .

The rest of the 'family'
Our kids. . .
. . . Follow me to see the CATS
Our 3 Black Dogs. . .

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