We love to hear from our guests after they have returned home. We hope that they feel as many do . . . that the Kountry Kottaqe is a great "home away from home". Please drop us an e-mail note any time to say hello!


We enjoyed our stay! This was such a nice place for our family to spend time together!

Tim and Paula Mehlert - IA

My family and I were looking for a real get-away from the commercialization of Christmas 2001. Through the net I found the Kountry Kottage in rural Bonaparte. We had heard that there are no stop lights or fast food places anywhere in Van Buren County, so it sounded like the perfect place. It was! My family of five had a great time playing games, telling stories, cooking and simply enjoying each other and the season. Gary and Cheryl have done a fabulous job rebuilding and decorating the Kottage, and they seem like great people! If you want a real get-away from the phone and computer, and cherish quiet time I think you'll like it. The Villages are fun as well.

Van Harden - Des Moines
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