MidLifeCRISIS performing in late October - 2007!

MidLifeCRISIS is a bunch of my best friends - and we are turning-back the bio-clock by re-living the music of our youth. The band consists of Michael Eggley on guitar/vocals, Kevin McGinnis on bass/vocals, Greg Cloe on lead guitar/vocals and Mark Owen on drums. We put on an entertaining show and have a lot of fun, so come hear the classic rock tunes that you grew up with in the 60s and 70s (and even earlier!). It is a full evening of familiar toe-stomping rock n roll that will be playing in your head long after you head for home., so come out and have a good time with us soon. - Kevin


Watch the DateBook in the Des Moines Register on Thursday each week for MidLifeCrisis appearance's at Des Moines metro area venue's or just check out our calendar on our website.     


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