Keystone Voluntary
Emergency Medical Services

Party in the Park
for RAGBRAI 2004

The "Party in the Park" - for RAGBRAI 2004 - was an unbelievable success for Keystone, the Keystone RAGBRAI committee, and Dave & Lynda Holliday - who arranged the visit by "Bob Dorr and the Blue Band." According to some of the riders taking part, it was also one of the best stopping-points they had ever encountered while riding in RAGBRAI!

It didn't look too promising, to start with - the skies had opened earlier in the morning - and by the time the first RAGBRAI riders had reached Keystone, at around 7:30 am, the town was more than a little damp. By 9:30am, it was still in question whether or not Bob Dorr & the Blue Band would be able to set-up on their trailer in the parks basketball court.

The heat from all of the riders arriving, however, must have pushed what clouds there were away, as it soon started to dry up, and the band agreed that it looked good for a 12-noon start!

The whole town had pulled together, to bake pies and desserts, put together pork sandwiches and tacos, and gather together the necessary refreshments (and kybos!) for what was expected to be 1000 riders.

When the riders just didn't stop arriving, we knew that something bigger than we expected was coming to town! An estimate of over 3000 riders passed through Keystone, most of them stopping for a while, to rest, eat, possibly even have a massage, and then they started dancing to Bob Dorr & The Blue Band!

When the organised food ran out, grills were set-up, and the call went out for hamburger, hot-dogs and buns for both - to keep feeding the hoards of hungry riders ...

Even though the band had to pack-up at 2:30 pm, the dancing and fun went on and on - and riders were still arriving after 5pm!

Have a look at the slideshow, and see how much fun was had by all!