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Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt, this year, was held on 10th of April, which was a beautiful sunny morning... even though the temperature was only just above freezing, thanks to the wind, and held around 34°F!

In total, around 100 people came along - from 2- and 3-year olds, to 80-something-year old grandmas and grandpas - all struggling to curb their excitement, while the First Responders closed-off the street with their rig - ready to signal the start of the hunt with their siren.

At 10.00 a.m. the siren howled, and bedlam broke loose! The youngsters (some not even walking, yet, up to 6th Graders) took off into the town's baseball field - hanging on tightly to their baskets, boxes and sacks to collect the eggs in - mostly dragging parents and grand-parents behind, and using them as "spotters!"

The older children were let-loose in the city playground, searching for cunningly (and not-so-cunningly) hidden eggs - all hoping that at least one of the eggs they found would hold a small piece of paper - announcing "You have won a Prize!"

Everything but the clean-up was over and done-with within maybe ten minutes, and then everyone huddled into small groups - emptying the eggs of their candy to cheers and screams of excitement, and the odd "I've won a prize, grandma ... I've won a PRIZE!!!"

Have a look at the slideshow, and see how much fun was had by all!


Walmart were very kind, and donated a $25.00 gift-card to help us buy prizes for the hunt.