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We live on farm in northeast Iowa. At this time we currently raise about 500 acres or row crops annually and about 700-1000 head of hogs in a farrow to finish operation. We aren't the biggest operation around, but we keep busy. We mainly use White and Olivers on our farm. Our biggest tractor is a 185 White MFWD, which we use for most of our tillage. We also have a 2-105 White which does much of the smaller jobs on our farm. Other than those two we use many Olivers on our farm. We do have a 2-155 White series II, but other than some specialized jobs, it doesn't get used very often. Most of the tractors we have been collecting we also use to farm.

The question that some people may ask is why Oliver? In the 1950's my grandfather bought the local Oliver implement. My dad started farming at about the same time, and used many tractors and implements from the dealership. After my dad got out of the national guard he began working at the Charles City plant. He worked there from 1962 to 1980, working in repair parts and machine shop. He started farming with a Hart-Parr Oliver 70 row crop and an almost new Oliver 66 row crop diesel with a 3 point hitch. I am glad that we still have both of these tractors. After my grandfather died, My family continued to operate the implement into the 1970's. In 1968 my dad purchased his first new tractor, an Oliver 1850 diesel. We also still have this tractor and it runs about as well as it did when it was new. The only other new tractor he has bought has been the 185 White. Olivers may not have been the most popular tractors, but we like them.

We have been seriously collecting tractors for only the past few years. We always have had some, but most were bought to use. Over the past couple of years we have started collecting Oliver implements. I think that it is fun to not only go to the shows and see the tractors, but also see the equipment that was made for the tractors. I would kind of like to start to specialize in Oliver plows and 90, 99, and 28-44 tractors, but parts for these models are getting harder to come by. Recently we attended an Oliver plow day and I would like to get more plows ready for more plow days. We currently have around 20 Oliver plows of varying sizes and types. I think that we may have a plow for each tractor we own. It's a lot of fun to go to the shows and talk to the people who used the equipment, and the stories associated with each.

I would like to thank you for stopping by our site. Please let me know of any suggestions you may have, or if you wish to see anything on this site. Please feel free to browse through the pages and stop back to see if anything has changed.

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Circa: 1960's

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