Welcome letter from Pastor Corey



We’re glad you’re here!


          You will quickly discover that we are a church anyone can come to.  No matter what is in your past or what you are dealing with in your life; no matter what you know or do not know about the Bible; no matter your income level, education, or age… we welcome you to the Carroll Church of Christ.

           As you browse our church website you will notice a few things.  You will discover a caring church family committed to helping one another become fully who God intends for us to be.  God wants what is best for us, the best life imaginable.  So, we are committed to helping one another find what God designed us for, that we can live a life of purpose and passion.

           You will also discover that kids LOVE it here.  I mean, they will be dragging you back to church!  Hard to imagine isn’t it?  From newborns to young adults; your children will learn how much God loves them; that they were created for a life of incredible adventure; and that God wants to use them to change the world.  Of course, in the process they will have a whole lot of fun!

           There is so much more to discover here.  You might even discover a few things about yourself.  These pages overflow with people just like you.  You might find that the Carroll Church of Christ provides a great place for you to worship, grow, serve and share.  You might discover that this is a place you belong… I did.  I hope you do too!

 Serving HIM with YOU,

 Corey Miller, Minister



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Carroll Church of Christ

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