• The Jordan Soldier Valley Telephone Company provides telephone service for Soldier, Iowa.

  • The Jordan Soldier Valley Cable Television division provides service for Soldier, Ute, and Moorhead.

  • The Jordan Soldier Valley Electric, Air Conditioning, Heating, Sheetmetal, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, and Backhoe divisions serve the Monona County and surrounding areas.

  • QAT (Quality Assured Telemarketing) is based in Soldier, but has a national reach.

  • Employing over 70 people.
  • history

    On the 6th of January 1927, Hon. W. C. Ramsey, Secretary of the State of Iowa, issued a Certificate of Incorporation to the Jordan-Soldier Valley Coop Telephone Company of Soldier in Monona County, Iowa. On January 11, 1927, the Jordan-Soldier Valley Coop Telephone Company ,held their first annual meeting to succeed the old Jordan-Soldier Valley Telephone Company.

    A forenoon meeting was held at which time the business turned over from the old company to the new. The bill of sale was prepared and the transaction made under the direction of Geo. E. Allen, Attorney for the company. The new company to assume all debts of the old company and to receive all notes and accounts. The transaction was made at $40.00 per share.

    At the afternoon meeting of the shareholders the following Directors were elected: Clyde Dickinson, Ole C. Norby, 0. G. Olson for one year terms and John W. Thoreson, M. 0. Britton and H. 0. Sandvold for two terms.

    Following the shareholders meeting, the Directors met and elected 0. G. Olson, President; M. 0. Britton, Vice-President; Clyde Dickinson, Secretary; and Ole C. Norby, Treasurer.

    The Secretary was to advertise for lineman and Central office girl for the year 1927. Applications to be received until ten o'clock January 22nd to consider said bids.

    On January 22nd Ole Peterson was hired as lineman at $.50 per hour and Mrs. Roy Looney accepted for Central Office girl at $60.00 per month and commission on toll calls.

    On June 20th, 1969, the Board of Directors; namely Harlow Wingate, Harold Ulven, Edward Hadden, Jesse Chedester, and Arnold Britton elected to build a new building adjacent to the present office. They also voted to install an ITT touch tone direct dial system. Darrell Wessell of Soldier Lumber Yard was granted the bid to erect the building.

    On January 20th, 1970, the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the Jordon-Soldier Valley Coop Telephone Company was held in the new building. At this meeting Art Holverson, Claire Sandvold, and Arnold Britton were elected to the Board of Directors.

    At the reorganizational meeting held later Wilton McDole was elected President; Harold Ulven, Vice-President; and Arnold Britton, Secretary-Treasurer. Andrew Swenson and Pauline Swenson were retained as management, Ella Tollufson, Gilma Gibbs and Gail Saxion were hired as assistant switchboard operators until the new switchboard was installed.

    On August 5th, at 9:15 a.m. Mabel Thompson (McCallum) was the first subscriber to be cutover to direct dial. Others followed as soon as Andy Swenson and Don Mathys could make the change over. Service to subscribers was completed by August 12th at 5:00 p.m.

    At the Board of Directors meeting in January 1971, Donald Mathys was hired as General Mana er and Leona Ulven was employed as Office Manager.

    Dennis McQueen succeeded Don Mathys as Manager in 1975. Steve Davis was Manager for a short time after that and Milton Amunson was hired to trouble shoot for us when needed.

    After ten years our company was again in trouble. Our outside plant was in bad shape and our switchboard was wearing and couldn't handle the load of calls needed. We were also without a manager for several months.

    In August 1979, Joe Hansen of Wall Lake came to help us out and was then hired as Manager. Milton Amunson was kept on to help get things back in shape.

    After a vote of the shareholders to keep our company and not sell out, it was decided to go ahead and take out an R.E.A. loan and upgrade our company. Martin and Associates of Mitchell, South Dakota, were hired as Engineers and a piece of land adjacent to the building 10' x 120' was purchased from Maxine McDonald.

    In March 1982 Michaels Pipeline of Wisconsin was hired to put in the outside plant. In September 1982 Badding Construction was granted the bid for the office addition and remodeling and December 1982 Northern Telecom of North Carolina was given the contract for the central office equipment.

    After a lot of hard work, etc., our project was completed. We now have a beautiful 46-1/2'by 80'building, a new DMIO digital switch, all new modular telephones and all buried cable for one party service. A system to be proud of and with much better service to our subscribers.

    On June 9th, 1983, the Board of Directors met in the new office, namely; Gordon Foss, President; David Gorham, Secretary-Treasurer; and Clair Sandvold, Vice-President; Bryce Lee, Glen Holverson and Orvan Ulven. Also present Manager Joe Hansen and Office Manager Leona Ulven.

    The current Board of Directors are: Orvan Ulven, President; Bryce Lee, Vice-President; Gary Pohlman, Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Swain, Leonard Jensen, and Ronald Amunson. Joe Hansen is the Manager and Barbara Johnson is the Office Manager.

    Jordan Soldier Valley, the company has made it possible to employ over 70 people by creating QAT (Quality Assured Telemarketing), JSV Cable, and JSV Plumbing and Heating.

    213 First Street, Soldier, Iowa 51572
    voice: 712.884.2203
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