Our advertising clocks are made from old clock cases from the 1950's. The most common type I use is a marquee clock made by the Ohio Advertising Company and Lackner Clock Company. Both were made in Cincinnati Ohio and stained glass fits in them perfectly. They make nice night lights also. Most of these have a Clear lake, Iowa theme but I can also do custom clocks. Some have a rare neon spinner and these are very hard to find and add to the cost.

Surf Ballroom, Clock case from the 1950's with new glass insert. 24 inches wide size may vary.
The Ritz Clock. Old clock from the 1950's with new advertising glass and rare neon spinner. 18 inches across.
Surf Ballroom clock. Rare clock from the 1950's with a neon spinner. The new stained glass design is from a 1940's picture album.
Willys Motors Clock. Old Marquee clock from the 1950's. The new hand blown flashed glass advertising has the Willy's advertising designs.
Boat rides clock 1950's marquee clock with a new stained glass advertising. This design came from the old sign at the Sea Wall in Clear Lake Iowa.
Bayside Park Clock. 1950's marquee clock with a new stained glass design from a 1930's Advertising. 24 inches across.