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The Long Tail

"why the future of business is selling less of more"


Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson's blog about The Long Tail embodies the premise of his book, which seems to be that your product might have an initial blockbuster weekend (think movies) or ride at the top of the charts (think books, music), but even after it falls out of first place, it can have a long run (the long tail) in lots of other venues and guises.

As you might expect from a writer/editor on the technology beat, Anderson sees technology as a good thing. But hardware and software aren't the only topics that catch his attention and get the narrative treatment.

Long Tail blog posts have included topics that range from The Surprising Derivation of the Word "Free" and Thirteen Words That Lose Their Meaning When the Denominator Approaches Infinity to I Wish People Would Stop Using "Economy" as a Just a Smart-Sounding Metaphor. Hmmm.... All these items and more (The Time/Money Formula of Free) get Anderson's interesting analysis. And the posts are packed with links to other resources, as is de rigueur for any blog.

Tthe giant tag cloud has given way to a Twitter feed, but the archives are still available and there's always commentary on topics Anderson finds interesting, such as: Might the Long Tail actually reduce choice?; Railroads: the Long Tail of 1869; The Dark Side of the Long Tail; The economics of downloading video; The folly of zero-sum thinking; Midlist books: worst of times, best of times; The incredible importance of the opening weekend; and Do authors want control or exposure?

Now, if there's not enough to pique your interest on the Long Tail website, contact me and let's talk!


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