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National Recycling Coalition

a comprehensive site for resources to help with all kinds of recycling efforts


Paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, tin, and aluminum are typical substances that are now able to be recycled. At least, that's a preferable method to just trashing them, which sends them to traditional, if overflowing, landfills.

But in this day of ubiquitous electronic technology, it's not always obvious what should be done with these fancy, functional, and expensive gadgets when they die or otherwise become obsolete.

That's where the National Recycling Coalition plays a key role. As a collection of waste management professionals, environmental advocates, regulators, corporate managers, and educators, the Coalition offers information on policy development and educational efforts, as well as links to state and regional recycling organizations.

Now, when you want to get rid of your old computer gear and other obsolete electronic trash, you can do it in an environmentally friendly way — and breathe a sigh of relief.


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