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One Straight Line

resources to help you define the unique value your business offers


Stating your own and/or your business' unique value should be a no-brainer, right? Well....

If that was really happening, you'd know — as a customer — precisely where to go for each item or service you want. As a business owner, you'd know exactly which customers fit your niche. You wouldn't waste time and energy papering the world with brochures or filling e-mailboxes with messages exhorting potential customers to look at "our next great thing."

Two communication consultants can help, and especially, help those with an entrepreneurial bent. Perhaps you're already in business for yourself or connecting a small group of people with whom you want to stay friends. You might be toying with an idea to test 'on the side' while still bringing home a paycheck. Or maybe you're exploring an entirely new product or service and are not quite sure where (or if) it fits into your current mix.

Check out The Entrepreneur's Concept Assessment Toolbook and the One Straight Line website of Michael Knowles and David Leland. Here, you can read about their approach to understanding and communicating your business strengths. At BookLocker, you can download a PDF excerpt from the Concept Assessment Toolbook.

While you're at One Straight Line, check the links to online training and distance learning materials, "The Information Mine" filled with articles and reports, a blog, e-letter, and "Fast Track" resources for working directly with these consultants.


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