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a funky, atypical approach to getting the word out


Canadian Scott Stratten's approach to marketing — unmarketing — is reminiscent of the philosophy detailed in the book Attracting Perfect Customers. And the best thing about it is that Stratten proves it works! His tagline, "Stop Marketing. Start Engaging." succinctly sums up the strategy.

We're all tired of — and becoming deaf to — the advertising cacaphony we hear and see everywhere from a bald forehead or pregnant belly to a billboard, blimp, or boxcar. But we still need the products and services of daily life. And we want to take advantage of the best deals available. What to do? What to do?

As entities with services and products to get into the marketplace, we must make an effort to let others know we exist. Stratten suggests that rather than push your message out and sit back hoping someone will respond, you should establish yourself as a "trusted expert" in your field — so you're "top of mind" and on the tip of the tongue when your service and/or product is needed. And never forget that those who buy your products and services are real people who want an authentic relationship with you — and your business.

At the website/blog, you'll find what you need to get started, including a menu of services (with an active community of contributors) and a sign-up link for blog updates and other interesting "rants." Stratten practices what he preaches — and we could all do with a lot more of that behavior in our vendors and colleagues.


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