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satellite photographs of anywhere on Earth


I hope the wonder of seeing images of Earth from space never wears off. Our celestial home is still an amazement — and the pictures available at DigitalGlobe remind us of our interconnections.

Take a look at satellite photos showing the tornado damage in Tuscaloosa and across the southeastern United States, billowing smoke plumes from California wildfires, and reconstruction at Ground Zero. Or check on Baghdad and other sites in Iraq for an up-close look at current events.

Major natural and man-made features visible from these imaging satellites, like the Olympic Stadiums in Beijing and Montreal, are part of the clickable gallery. You'll also find views of key news events from this and previous years.

While the site is designed primarily for news media and companies that offer security services (photos of North Korea are also available), browsing through the on-line gallery makes for an interesting trip around the world from your computer desktop.

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