Lesa's Page


I am currently working at J.W. Hutton, Inc., a recovery management company, in St. Charles.  I enjoy working in St. Charles again because it allows me to spend more time with Emily and Allyson.  I am still selling PartyLite (on a part-time basis) and am available for parties if you would like to have one.  My current project at home, besides Emily, Allyson the house and Sally the (pregnant) cat, is a 10 week old Mini Pinscher.  I didn't know potty training a dog could be so hard, it's almost like having an infant in the house again - geez. 

I am recovering from my automobile accident on 10/14/02.  I am not completely healed but working hard on regaining mobility in my ankle.  My wonderful doctor, Dr. Joe Gallis, told me that I won't have 100% mobility but close to it if I continue to do physical therapy. 

If you visit this page please say a prayer for my 5 year old cousin, Bret Golightly, who was diagnosed with JMML (a rare form of juvenile leukemia) in August of 2002.  His web site is www.caringbridge.org\ia\bret.  He is a strong little boy who needs lots and lots of prayers and love from everyone.  Thank you for visiting his web site, his family has been a great source of inspiration to me.

Email Lesa at lhyoung@netins.net