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Welcome to the Young's Web Site

The Young family has been established since October 1st 1994.  We wanted to create a web site that would allow our friends and family to have a link to us through the internet and this is what we came up with.  There is a page for each family member so please hit each page and see what each of us are doing these days.  I have provided Email links below if you would like to send Lesa of Jeff an Email.

Jeff -  Lesa -

This is a picture of Emily and Allyson in February of 2002.

Please visit the page of Lesa's 5 year old cousin, Bret Golightly, who was diagnosed with JMML (a rare form of juvenile leukemia) in August of 2002.  His web site is\ia\bret.  He is a strong little boy who needs lots and lots of prayers and love from everyone.  Thank you for visiting his web site, his family has been a great source of inspiration to me.

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