Project 4

Project 3

Business Card

My web logo design is how my life seems to be to me. At home or at work I seem to be trying to uncage myself. Some of the hardest things for me on this were learning how to use illustrator. Not having used it before and when I had the design done I wanted to flatten the image like I do in photoshop.

Some of the tools I used was the rectangle to make my shapes and then I used the styles to get the sides of my shapes and then used the text to write and took the rotate tool to get the words and shapes to make the angles I wanted. The color on this was difficult for me because I had a hard time not going for something bright. I went rather with calmer colors that hopefully are more eye pleasing. I learned how to use the pen to make straight lines and worked with that trying different design before settling on this one. My design has 17 layers and I think about half of them are not active in this final design.