Visual Communications online
This course is an introduction to visual problem solving and communication through the WWW. This course will cover basic technical terminology, an overview of software and equipment for web graphic design and an introduction into digital imagery. Studio assignments will be digitized and sent electronically for evaluation and critique. The goal is to expand student competency in basic visual and technical skills, developing an understanding of how perception relates to communication and expose students to current issue related to web graphic design. Yes, I took this out of the Instructors course overview. I couldn't have said it any better!!

Capture examples of good design elements and principles. The pictures should include examples of the following:







Line of the walls and the center beam that gives the image that it runs the full length, you can see the cement looks different with the sun shining on it to when it is in the shade (color). Notice the scale of the walls beam. The line that the beam makes your eye follow and hit the far wall.

This picture is one of a farm scene that didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. Since the class is in winter you would know that the picture is taken in winter. But when looking at the scene it looked like a nice sunny day and made me think that it was April and time to plant the crops and with the field worked up in area and the color changes in the soil. One of the trees in the farm site has a greenish color to it and aided to this image. The line of the changes in the soil makes my eyes look along it and not to focus on the farm site. Can you tell I'm a farmer?

I was trying for repetition without hurting feeling of the scout that didn't have uniforms on. I also found when viewing this that there was a pattern of the color of uniforms the scouts had on. The unity of the scouts together if you would have one that was not in uniform and one that is standing in front of a flag then you would not know that they were at a scout meeting.

This photo is to be a repetition of pick ups and the way the colors go from lighter colors to a more intense color. The Rhythm from on truck to the other. The value of the color of each pick up seems to make them look there best.

This is my try at a unity picture. It is a soccer table and you see that all the men or women are in place and equal. If you would take one row of them out it would not be a complete table. The color pattern of the figures works with the repetition of the whole table.