Visual Communications online
This course is an introduction to visual problem solving and communication through the WWW. This course will cover basic technical terminology, an overview of software and equipment for web graphic design and an introduction into digital imagery. Studio assignments will be digitized and sent electronically for evaluation and critique. The goal is to expand student competency in basic visual and technical skills, developing an understanding of how perception relates to communication and expose students to current issue related to web graphic design. Yes, I took this out of the Instructors course overview. I couldn't have said it any better!!

Capture examples of good design elements and principles. The pictures should include examples of the following:







This butterfly picture represents repetition. They are all the same thing only on differnt colored paper and colored different. I actully was forced to do this in Art, it's a ink print.

This picture represents pattern. Pattern is a design element. There is a pattern on the molding in the center, and below it is a denim pattern. Just our poarch wall, nothing too special

This picture represents line, which is a design element. There is lines across the tin, so your eye can kinda fallow that line, or at least mine did.

This picture represents balance. I made this in art too, with craypas. I kinda folded it in half and saw basicly the same thing on each side. Well, kinda, not exactly balanced, but it was my first craypas picture.

This picture represents rhythm. This, as you can guess, was made in Art class too. I geuss the zig-zag lines kinda remind me of a up-beat kinda rhythm.