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            *   Jim & Dave's Minnesota Fishing Trip

              *  My new grandson, Keller

              * Mississippi River Adventure 2005

                * Alexander All School Reunion, Class of 1962 Attendees

                  *  The 2001 Canada Trip

                * My visit to the United Kingdom in 1999

Old Farmers Almanac * Congressman Tom Latham:
My brother's home page - yes I'm proud!

 *  Latham Seeds My brothers' family business, founded by my father

 *  Fishing Lac Seul with Goose Bay Camps, NW Ontario, Canada Until I get to heaven, this is second best, and affordable!.  Been going there every year.   These are the nicest folks.  Here's layout of their cabin numbers.

*  Galilean Lutheran Church My home church. 

*  Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce    My kind of town ---  Clear Lake, Iowa is....  Visit the web pages of the one of the best towns to live in, in America.   

*  My British Cousins  These are some good looking friends across  the pond

*  My personal statement of faith

*  Life.  Musings and assorted observations on life

*  Here's our March, 2000 Arizona Trip


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