Canada 2001

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During our week we threw back over 200 fish, 125 of them were Walleye "keepers" to take home.  Unfortunately, when you're catching fish you don't think about taking pictures.

The only drawback was a 2 hour wait to get across the border.  That's my Ford van on the far right with "Old Yellar" faithfully behind it.

Finally, the beauty of Canada.

Well, it rained sometimes. That's Dave Bauer in the dark rain suite and Virgil Knorr in the bright parka.

Here's Dave bringing in a fish.  That's my finger on the right.  That's all fish in the circle even though only it's snoot is near the water surface!

Virgil's quiet moment after a shore lunch.

Old Yellar waiting to serve again.

Dave and Virgil with their "Quiet Moment"

Dave trolling with the electric motor.

Here are the old folks at home at cabin number 6 with smoke from the wood stove as we warm the cabin for the evening .. with the windows open of course! A trip to Red Lake, about 60 miles north and their sea plane park.

Virgil, in one of his awake moments. Virgil putting on the bacon in cabin 6.

Jim piloting in his Mickey Mouse hat.  He's a Mickey Mouse captain. Dave filleting fish on an oar.

Virgil getting ready to fry fish for shore lunch. No time wasted for Dave.  He's throwing a few casts while lunch is cooked.

"The fish are almost ready", says Virgil. After we leave our shore lunch spot, the sea gulls zoom in for the leftovers.

Dave doing both bacon and sausage for breakfast.  He's ambidextrous!.  Virgil showing off his nice Walleye before we go home.

What a week!  Thanks guys!


The next day I was in Ames for the Latham Family Reunion.  I'm the well tanned guy in the red shirt on the left.