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Meet the increasingly complex challenge of safe science teaching by becoming aware of the professional standards and ethical issues guiding this profession.

Dr. Jack A. Gerlovich and Associates provide direction that will help avert complications. The workshops and seminars they offer are valuable sources for science teachers, administrators, supervisors, and preservice science educators to assimilate and put into practice the recommended safety measures which could help avoid student injury and complications. Agendas are flexible and can be adapted to any schedule. Workshops are available for Elementary (grades 1-6) and/or Secondary (grades 7-14) levels, and are based on software developed by Dr. Gerlovich and colleagues. The workshops are designed to cover six important facets.

  1. To improve the knowledge and understanding of laws, codes, regulations, and accident case studies as they relate to science education safety.
  2. To demonstrate a proven, computerized safety assessment system for secondary classrooms, labs, storerooms, prep rooms, field settings, as well as elementary science settings.
  3. To demonstrate a comprehensive computerized safety management program to help satisfy OSHA's "Chemical Lab Standard", "Bloodborne Pathogen", and "Right-to-know" legislation and legal and professional responsibilities of science educators at all levels.
  4. To explain a proven plan for safe redistribution and disposal of unwanted, hazardous chemicals.
  5. To familiarize participants with the location and proper use of safety equipment.
  6. To assist administrators, supervisors and teachers in lab design and/or upgrades.