New Guidelines for the use of Contact Lenses in the Workplace

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) recently issued new guidelines entitled” “The Use of Contact Lenses in the Industrial Environment.” The guidelines support OSHA’s position the contact lens use does not pose hazards to workers. This would reiterate the OSHA position for 34 million American workers who would need to combine the wearing of contacts with appropriate eye protective equipment.

Additional recommendations included the establishment of written policies documenting general safety requirements for the wearing of contact lenses, conducting an eye injury hazard evaluation of the workplace, and providing training on contact lens use and first aid for wearers.

For additional information refer to the ACOEM website:

Segal, E.B. (2003). “New Guidelines for the use of Contact Lenses in the Workplace.” Chemical Health & Safety News 10 (5) 29.