The Fall Rally Cabinet Meeting was held at the Holiday Inn, Davenport, Iowa on October 16, 2004.  District Governor, Bob Holliday called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice District Governor, Donna Austin Schultz.


Invocation was given by DG, Bob Holliday.


DG, Bob Holliday introduced guests present:  Past International Director, Dwayne Garrett and wife, Janette; Past International Director, Del Brown and wife, Susie; Past International Director, Norm Dean and wife, Shirley; 9X7 District Governor, Ray Halterman and wife, Nancy.


DG Bob Holliday, PID Dwayne Garrett and PID Norm Dean presented the Dr. Tae-Sup Lee Service Metal Award to Campus Club Chair Gary Glockhoff for his service to Lions.


Spouses were dismissed for the spouses program.


Additions to and Approval of the Agenda was discussed.  Environmental Chair, Marvin Klebe made the motion to accept, Coming To Your Senses Chair, LaVerne Arp seconded. Motion carried.


Lapel Pins not distributed yet are to be picked up after the meeting from DG Holliday.


Roll Call was taken by Zone Chair, Sarah Crock-- in the absence of Cabinet Secretary, Kenneth Crock. Cabinet members in attendance were:  DG Bob Holliday, VDG Donna Austin Schultz, Cabinet Treasurer Loren Claussen, Region I Chair John Taylor, Zone Chair Tony Hill, Zone Chair Sarah Crock, Zone Chair Jean Bormann, Zone Chair Paul Hain, Campus Club Chair Gary Glockhoff, Coming to Your Senses Chair LaVerne Arp, Environmental Chair Marvin Klebe, Extension Chair PCC Keith Whitlatch, Foundation Trustee Dave Henecke, Hearing and Speech Chair PDG Judy Terry, LCI PCC Mel Wiebel, Leadership Development/PDG Association Chair PCC Jerry Inman, Lioness Chair Donna Claussen, Membership Chair Mike Fuller, Nominating Chair Leon Frick, Peace Poster Chair Clara Cook, Trading Pin Chair Yogi Braet, Women’s Membership Chair Connie Inman, PID Norm Dean and PID Del Brown.


Cabinet Meeting minutes of August 14, 2004 were presented for approval. Trading Pin Chair, Yogi Braet moved, PDG Judy Terry seconded. Motion Carried.


Cabinet Treasurer Loren Claussen gave the Treasurer’s Report with a beginning balance of $8,756.55. Dues have been received from all but 8 clubs.  Total income as of 8-14-04 is $20,208.24.  Expenses are $12,567.58.  Clarification that the Cedar Rapids Evening club is still active and they will be sent membership billing.  Funds balance is $5,455.34.  Total balance in checkbook is $13,096.  Mechanicsville Lion Pete Anderson thanked the cabinet for sending him to the Great Plains Institute training.  Nominating Chair, Leon Frick moved to accept the report.  PCC Jerry Inman seconded.  Motion Carried. 


Reports were given by the following members:

§         Region 1 Chair, John Taylor:  Zone chairs in his region have attended at least one meeting with their clubs.  Zone Chairs had held a combined zone club meeting.  They received very favorable responses to the joint meeting.  Bettendorf club had a membership drive and placed ad in newspaper—inviting members of their community and was well attended.  He is working with PCC Jerry and Women’s Membership Chair Connie Inman to build membership in Northern Scott County to they can have a branch club.

Ø      Zone II Chair, Tony Hill:  Has attended several of the clubs.  Spoke about the Bettendorf Membership Drive, they had 25 guests.  53 people screened with glaucoma.  Coming To Your Senses Training—only one club trained at this time.  One of his main goals is to get more clubs trained.

Ø      Zone I Chair, Sarah Crock:  First zone meeting was held on September 22 with Tipton Lions Club Hosting.  Theme of the meeting was membership. Attendance was very good.

Ø      Zone II Chair, Jean Bormann—She has visited 6 of 7 clubs.  Clinton is struggling with getting meetings going again with membership.  November 3rd is their first zone meeting.  Next meetings are in January and March on the second Tuesday.  She reported that many clubs were excited to see her they haven’t had a Zone Chair representative for several years.

Ø      Zone II Chair, Dick Minette’s report was read. Mechanicsville had held a Coming to Your Senses training in Lisbon.  Region meeting held in Iowa City before Midwinter. 

Ø      Zone III Chair, Paul Hain—He had made one club visit.  He is focusing on new membership at first zone meeting. 

Committee Chairs reports are as follows:

    1. Campus Club:  Gary Glockhoff—The University of Iowa, Kirkwood Community College and presidents of clubs with colleges in their community have been contacted regarding starting campus clubs.  A limited amount of literature is available to distribute.
    2. Care & Share:  Donna Austin Schultz—Two current proposals have been

      received as follows:  A request to help fund the assistance of Iowa City Noon 

      Club for a Regina High School student in the purchase of a Micro link receiver

      to couple with her personal hearing aids.  She has had one since 5th grade and

      needs one now in high school.  The Durant Lioness has an request to help a

      child with Microencephaly.  They need approval of the board and also need a

      permanent chair to raise funds for this.  PCC Jerry Inman made a motion to

      match $150 and $400.   Zone Chair, Jean Bormann 2nd.  Motion Carried. 

      Care and Share’s roll/duties to Lions was clarified.  PCC Jerry Inman clarified

      the vote can be done by e-mail or phone of Cabinet Members.  

    1. Coming to Your Senses: LaVerne “Butch” Arp—32.187 screened –1560 referred.  An updated fixation devise is now available.  A lot of calls from various organizations like Headstart and AEA have been received for screenings.  Ralph Binnie is available to help train individuals. 
    2. Diabetes:  WMC, Connie Inman and PDG Dick Polansky are overseeing this at this time.  Connie will still take the dollars received and Dick will visit clubs.
    3. Environmental:  Marvin Klebe—He has a small presentation/display in the hallway of the hotel.  He is available for speaking engagements.
    4. Extension:  PCC, Keith Whitlatch—talked about roadside pick-ups.  This is great advertising for Lions.  Hill’s would be a good place to get a new club.  To get the club going it is needed to have two people to give up time for two years to be Leading Lions. Other locations in need of clubs mentioned are as follows: Hiawatha, Camanche, Clinton, Cedar Rapids needs another club, Iowa City Evening, Coralville, Solon, Lisbon, North Liberty, Palo, Buffalo and Blue Grass, Grand Mound, Clarence, Kirkwood Club, Mercy or St. Luke’s Hospitals, Genesis- Davenport, and Central City.
    5. Foundation Trustee:  Dave Henecke—Spoke about the Warren Coleman Award.  They are looking at changing the pin.  A new brochure for mid-winter engraved for progressive additions to it.  He has attended three zone meetings.  They are looking in changing the Foundation Board.  He also talked about the Golf Meetings. Money was taken out of investments to make budget so far this year.
    6. Hearing and Speech:  PDG, Judy Terry—She would love to speak at clubs regarding this need. 
    7. LCIF/LEHP/SIGHTFIRST:  PCC, Mel Wiebel—They did exceed last year’s goal by a few hundred dollars.
    8. Leadership Development:  PCC, Jerry Inman talked about the Golf Tournament.  Talked about the raffle.  He has attended two zone meetings.  He is working with Merle Team for zone meetings to promote membership.  Zone Chairs need to contact the Merle Team for their last zone meeting so it can be a training session for new officers. 
    9. Leo Club:  Report was read from West Liberty Leo’s—They held a dog wash, maintained landscaping at West Liberty Fire Station.  They are also collecting games and puzzles, books tapes, CDs, DVD’s for the guests at the Iowa City Ronald McDonald House and hayrack ride in October.
    10. Lioness:  Donna Claussen reported there is only one Lioness club in the 9X9 District.  Their club has 68 members with 43 average attendance.  They have donated school supplies for Durant School children, delivered Meals on Wheels, have a Peace Poster entry and have collecting items for those in need.  They are holding a chili supper in January.
    11. Membership:  Mike Fuller—Attended Zone 1 and Zone 2 meetings, Zone 3 will have a meeting.  Blue Grass club meeting discussed lack of membership and how to increase it. Passed out pamphlets at Blood Drive.  Would encourage new extension work in Blue Grass area.  Membership meeting was held in Muscatine.  Merle Team working for the clubs on membership. AS clubs we need to make sure to invite guest back to clubs more than once.  We are bringing in a lot of new members but loosing old members.  Retention issues of creating a chairperson on the club level besides a membership chair were recommended.  He encouraged calling now shows.  We need to teach Lion’s history to our clubs in our clubs meetings on a regular basis. Supply new member certificates!  Inform Lions about informational classes available on the Internet. He suggested using nametags for larger clubs especially for new members.  He also recommended role-play at zone meetings.
    12. Nominating:  Leon Frick had nothing new to report at this time
    13. PDG Association:  PCC, Jerry Inman reported the Past District Governor’s Association held a meeting in Tipton. They are trying to assist in fulfilling currant vacancies on Cabinet and helping VDG Schultz.  He asked for assistance at Hospitality Room at Convention.  The six Golf Tournaments made $50,000.  Three tournaments held in 9X9, with 60% of the funds raised by our district.  Thanked individuals for assisting/taking part of the State Chair for Golf Tournaments for this current year.  All Governors had voted to hold the tournaments— thus he expects each district to hold a tournament.  Don’t have to be a golfer to help out!
    14. Peace Poster:  Clara Cook reminded everyone November 12th is the deadline for posters to be submitted to her.  She is looking to promote posters in the spring hoping for more posters to be submitted in the fall.
    15. Trading Pin:  Yogi Braet spoke about the new state pins that are now available.
    16. Women’s Membership:  Connie Inman has attended one zone meeting.  She can do team work with Mike Fuller.  She has a program ready for Mechanicsville and Iowa City Host did a presentation to them.  Articles are in Iowa Lion.  Currently working with Merle Team to do a strategy presentation. At the State level meeting Ames they were looking in to hosting a Women’s Symposium in Iowa.  There are possibilities of partnering with Young Parents Network to promote Lions. 

Spring Convention Update was given by Mike Fuller.  Dates are March 11 & 12, 2005.  Muscatine Club will be the host. International Director, Richard P. Chaffin will be the guest speaker.  He asked for a $5 donation from each club for the baskets.


Vice District Governor, Donna Austin Schultz comments were regarding Coming to your Senses being a very good recruiting tool.  She would appreciate input from clubs on individuals would like to serve on cabinet next year.


Past International Director, Duane Garret congratulated Gary Glockhoff on a well-done job. He said the Zone Chairs probably are the most important part of the district.  Zone Chairs set the perception of the Lions in attendance to go their clubs to get the clubs going.  He stressed “Coming to Your Senses” for Headstart and similar organizations.  He applauded the past district governor’s on a job well done and encouraged club visits. 


Past International Director, Del Brown commented on the Iowa City Noon Club buying the equipment to check eyeglasses.  International’s Growth Initiative’s emphasis is on International officers becoming involved in new clubs and membership, and extension. They may be able to get expenses occurring during membership nights reimbursed to the clubs those individuals involved need to talk to him.  He suggested taking a look at new ideas for rally’s and conventions. 


Past International Director, Norm Dean’s comments were “Short and Sweet-Let’s eat lunch!”


DG Bob Holliday adjourned the meeting at 11:36 a.m.